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Alright, Literally Every Single One Of These Things I Just Found Out Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Week

Well, I've got to say that I had absolutely no idea this was a thing.

1. This is the Hoba meteorite, the largest meteorite on Earth:

a man standing on the meteorite

2. This is what a $100 bill from about 90 years ago looks like compared to one today:

3. Some stores have winter simulators so you can really see how warm a jacket is:

4. Every United States president combined together looks like the world's worst vacuum salesman:

5. There are pants that shine INCREDIBLY bright when hit with light:

6. Michelangelo's "David" statue is really, really big in person:

a man on a ladder maintaining the "David" statue

7. This is what the other side of some potholes look like:

8. Pictures of Jupiter have come a long, long way:

Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, Jupiter ERS Team and image processing by Judy Schmidt.

9. There is a McDonald's in Arizona that has a blue arch instead of a yellow one:

It's because people who live in Sedona "were concerned the giant golden M would clash with the tones of the surrounding landscape."

10. This is what the surface of Saturn's moon Titan looks like:

a rocky surface

11. Baby teeth can last decades:

12. This is what Queen Elizabeth II looked like when she was 18:

black and white photo of Queen Elizabeth as a young woman

13. Chips, my friend, well, chips can be huge:

14. Social security cards used to not be made out of the most flimsy material available:

15. This is a tarantula hawk, a wasp whose sting is known as one of the most painful on planet Earth:

a tarantula hawk in someone's hand

16. It can get so hot that your candles will just give up:

17. Dollar bills can be misprinted in a very frustrating way:

18. There are bars that have little patches of ice to keep your beverage nice and frosty:

19. Some THC edibles have edible warnings on them:

20. The inside of a plane's wheel bay looks incredibly complex:

21. And, finally, Aaron Paul was once on The Price Is Right: