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My Dumb Little Brain Is Completely And Totally Blown After Seeing All These Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The First Time Last Month

You really need to see these. Like, now.

1. This is a wax sculpture of Thomas Wedders, the man from the 18th century whose 7.5-inch nose is apparently the largest nose in history:

A wax sculpture with a big nose

2. This is Ralph Lincoln, the 11th-generation cousin of Abraham Lincoln:

Close-up of Ralph Lincoln, with a beard and light mustache and thick eyebrows

3. This is what a polar bear's paw print looks like compared with a human hand:

A polar bear paw print next to a much smaller handprint in the snow

4. Traffic lights are absolutely gigantic:

A construction worker holding a traffic light that's as tall as he is

5. This is what the toilet on a submarine looks like:

A toilet bowl surrounded by pipes and chains and cords and valves and knobs, with a sign with lots of text labeled, "Directions for operating: before and after using"

6. This is the world's tallest statue, the Statue of Unity:

A statue of a man atop a building

7. This is what the surface of an ASTEROID looks like:

The rocky surface of an asteroid

8. Redwood trees are absolutely gigantic:

People standing at the base of a redwood tree and looking like dolls by comparison

9. This is what an anaconda looks like in the wild:

A giant squiggly anaconda on the side of a dirt road

10. This is what a typhoon looks like from space:

A swirling, spherical mass with a hole in the center as seen from space

11. You're probably familiar with the "Face on Mars," an image of a formation on Mars from the 1970s that launched a million conspiracy theories...

An apparent face on the surface of Mars

...well, this is what a much less blurry, much more recent photograph of that same "face" looks like:

A craggly, raised surface that looks nothing like a face

12. Speaking of Mars, this is what a sunset looks like on that there planet:

A misty, foggy view of the sun just visible over a slightly hilly landscape

13. This is what the big ol' noggin of the Statue of Liberty looks like from the torch:

Close-up of the Statue of Liberty seen from above the crown

14. This very, very, very tiny rectangle is $57 in gold:

A tiny rectangular dot in the middle of a person's palm

15. This is what one of the world's oldest pairs of Levi's jeans looks like:

A torn, slightly faded, and dirty pair of jeans

16. They sell red Solo cups as "American party cups" in New Zealand:

A 10-pack of "American party cups"

17. These are what some of the Titanic's lifeboats looked like after they were docked in New York after the ship sank:

Small rowboats next to each other in the water with men standing in a few of them

18. This is what the US–Canada border looks like in Idaho:

A forest with a thin gap between two sections

19. Lots of US presidents have spoken multiple languages — here's a list of every purportedly multilingual president:

Many early presidents were fluent in Latin and/or ancient Greek, including John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Buchanan; Teddy Roosevelt and FDR were fluent in French and German; Martin Van Buren was a native Dutch speaker

20. This just might set the world record for smallest hand-carved wooden spoon:

Close-up of a very tiny spoon on someone's finger

21. This is the Queensland Stinger, one of the world's most dangerous plants:

A potted Queensland Stinger plant in a cage, with a note ID'ing it as "The World's Most Dangerous Plant" and saying "One touch can induce nine months of intense re-occurring throbbing pain!"

22. This is from the Murchison meteorite, which was found in Australia and contains material from over 7 billion years ago:

Piece of the Murchison meterorite

23. Although this area makes up the vast majority of the country, no more than 5% of the Australian population lives inside the yellow highlight on this map:

A map of Australia showing a huge, yellowed section representing 2%–5% of the population

And here's a sign you might see before entering the yellow portion of that map of Australia:

"Remote Areas Ahead" sign in an arid area, with warnings to "carry adequate fuel, water, food, current road maps, and two spare tyres" and "keep friends or relatives informed of your outback travel itinerary," among others

24. This is the Thanksgiving menu that was served at the Plaza Hotel in 1899:

Extensive menu, including many varieties of game (including partridge, grouse, and woodcock), fish, roast meat, soups, "new vegetables," salads such as chiffonade and chicory, "sweet dishes," fresh fruits, and sweet buttermilk by the glass

25. Those orange pylons in football end zones have so much technology in them that they require fans to operate:

A tall thin, orange post on a football field showing circular openings for fans

26. Cats, my friend...cats can get really, really big:

A woman holding a 9-month-old Maine coon that she can barely hold

27. And mushrooms? Well, mushrooms can be blue:

A blue mushroom growing in the soil

28. Veneers don't glow under a black light:

A smiling person's teeth glowing in the dark except for four front teeth

29. The last McDonald's in Iceland closed in 2009. Feast your eyes on the final cheeseburger sold in the country, which has been preserved and lying in state more than a decade:

A preserved burger and fries in a glass display, with a sign saying "I am the last McDonald's cheeseburger sold in Iceland in 2009"

30. This is astronaut Joseph P. Allen IV doing maintenance on a satellite in the middle of the cold, dark void of space:

An astronaut on a satellite in space

31. Dirt doesn't stick to scars or burns:

A clean scar on an otherwise dirty hand

32. These are little vaccine packets being dropped into wooded areas to help stop the spread of rabies:

A small packet that says "Rabies vaccine, live vaccinia vector, do not disturb"

33. This is the world's most isolated lighthouse, Thridrangar Lighthouse, located in Iceland:

Overhead shot of a lighthouse on a small island

34. Speaking of isolated things, this is a building also located in Iceland that some have called the most isolated house in the world:

A lone house on a rocky, hilly landscape

35. In this picture, you can see both Europe and Africa:

The view from a plane, with two sections of land and lots of ocean

36. Sperm whales sleep vertically:

Two whales in the water lying vertically next to each other

37. This is what a peeled lime looks like:

A hand holding a perfectly peeled lime

38. Reese's orange is a trademarked color:

Close-up of the Reese's candy wrapper saying, "The orange color is a registered trademark"

39. To scale, this is how big a strand of human hair is compared with an egg cell:

Model of an egg cell and human hair strand

40. This is what some of the first New York City tour buses looked like in 1904:

An old NYC tour bus with women and men in long dresses sitting on a raised platform on wheels with no sides

41. Champagne vending machines exist:

A champagne vending machine with small bottles of Moët & Chandon

42. This is how big the Democratic Republic of Congo is compared with the East Coast of the United States:

Model of the Democratic Republic of Congo over the US, covering from Dallas, down to Florida, up past Chicago and Toronto, and east to New York

43. This is how big an eagle's talons are:

Each is about as big as a human finger, as seen by the hand up against the eagle's talons

44. This totally safe device was known as a baby cage, a wire cage suspended out of an apartment window meant to give babies born in cities extra light and air:

A baby in a cage that looks like an air conditioner chassis outside a window

45. This is Sørvágsvatn, a lake in the Faroe Islands of Denmark, known as "the lake that hangs over the ocean":

Sørvágsvatn, a winding lake above a craggly coastline

46. This is what an elephant's tail looks like close up:

An elephant nose and tail

And this is what one of those tail hairs looks like up close:

A rounded hair in the palm of a hand

47. This is apparently a set of "instructions for new mothers" given to new moms in the 1940s:

20-item instructions for mothers, including "Please refrain from smoking one hour before nursing," "Please do not eat candy, fresh fruit, or milkshakes" because they may affect your baby, and "Never let the baby's nursing time exceed 20 minutes"

48. Bootleg Lego heads are terrifying:

A Lego with a scary smiley face

49. These are the shoes (well, shoe) Marie Antoinette wore to her execution during the French Revolution:

One of Marie Antoinette's shoes, with low heel and frilly front

50. Speaking of 18th- and 19th-century French history, Napoleon's hat recently sold at auction for $2.1 million:

Napoleon's hat on a velvet stand

51. This is how big Canada and the USA are compared with Europe:

North Africa is at the southern US, and Norway is in northern Canada; Ukraine is in eastern Canada, and Turkey and Georgia are on the East Coast of the US

52. Here's a list of every named generation going back to the 1400s:

Generations list, starting with the Arthurian generation of 1461–1482

53. This is what a float from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade looked like in the 1930s:

A large Uncle Sam float, with Santa in the background

54. This is what Ireland looks like from space:

It's green and surrounded by water

55. This is what in-flight entertainment looked like in the 1960s:

TVs on top where overhead bags go in the present day

56. This is the tree that will be used as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree for the 2023 holiday season:

A giant tree in a lawn

57. This is what Jupiter would look like if it were as close as the moon:

A huge brown and white orb with stripes and swirls on the horizon

58. This is how big a wolf is in comparison with a human:

A wolf on its hind legs standing taller than an adult human

59. In 1984, a giant dinosaur replica was moved via a helicopter to the Boston Museum of Science:

The replica dangling from a helicopter over a city scene

60. This is what the first coat of paint on a painting looks like compared with the final coat:

The first coast has striations and discolorations; the final version is smooth

61. This is a picture from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Can you spot Abe?

A black-and-white photo of a crowd, with many in it wearing top hats, with a man who appears to be Abe without a hat at the top right

62. These are three of the smallest bones in your body, all located in your ear: the malleus, the incus, and the stapes:

One if thin and long with a round top, another is small with a donut hole, and the third is irregular

63. This is what a flying fish looks like, wings outstretched:

A person holding up a fish with its big wings spread over the water

64. This is a close-up of some well-worn pebbles on the surface of Mars:

Many large pebbles and stones on a sandy surface

65. And, folks, this is what a baby flamingo looks like:

A cute, downy bird with a large beak and long legs