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    These 22 Absolutely Fascinating Pictures Just Turned My Dumb Little Brain Into Mush After Seeing Them For The Very First Time

    You gotta see these pictures too.

    1. This is what a float from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade looked like in the 1930s:

    2. This is what Ireland looks like from space:

    3. This is how big Canada and the USA are compared to Europe:

    4. This is what in-flight entertainment looked like in the 1960s:

    tvs on top where overhead bags go present-day

    5. This is what Jupiter would look like if it was as close as the Moon:

    6. This is how big a wolf is in comparison to a human:

    wolf on its hind legs standing taller than a human

    7. This is what a typhoon looks like from space:

    8. In 1984, a giant dinosaur replica was moved via a helicopter to the Boston Museum of Science:

    9. This is what first coat of paint on a painting looks like compared to the final coat:

    10. This is what a baby camel looks like:

    11. And, folks, this is what a baby flamingo looks like:

    12. This is how big an eagle's talons are:

    about as big as a human finger

    13. You can buy specific colors of M&Ms in bulk:

    14. This is a picture from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Can you spot Abe?

    A black-and-white photo of a crowd, with many in it wearing top hats, with a man who appears to be Abe without a hat on the top right

    15. These are three of the smallest bones in your body, all located in your ear: the malleus, the incus, and the stapes:

    16. Atlas Moths have wings that are designed to mimic snakes to scare off predators:

    17. This is what a horse ambulance looks like:

    truck with a large trailer for the horse

    18. One semester at Harvard cost in $170.42 in 1869:

    19. This is what the inside of a wasp's nest looks like:

    Inside of a wasp nest

    20. This is a wasp that was trapped in amber 125 million years ago:

    21. This is what a flying fish looks like, wings outstretched:

    22. This is a close-up of some well-worn pebbles on the surface of Mars:

    Many large pebbles and stones on a sandy surface