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    My Literal Acorn-Sized Brain Is Completely Blown After Seeing These 21 Incredibly Fascinating Pictures For The Very First Time This Week

    Okay, so Nicolas Cage totally lied to us.

    1. This is what one prototype space suit designed for the moon exploration looked like:

    prototype astronaut suit

    2. Unfortunately, there's no treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Just a lot of nothing:

    Back of the Declaration of Independence

    3. An entirely new chamber was discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza literally last week. This is what it looks like:

    An empty passageway

    4. This is what the world's oldest soccer ball ever found looks like:

    A man holding an old soccer ball

    5. In 1994, a 9GB drive cost over $4,000:

    An external hard drive receipt

    6. This tea chest is one of two surviving chests from the Boston Tea Party back in 1773:

    A chest from the Boston Tea Party

    7. This is what a paint stirrer used consistently for 10 years looks like:

    A paint stirrer

    8. Up until 1994, Crayola Crayons' copper-colored crayon had bronze powder in it, causing it to turn green over a long period of time:

    A copper Crayola crayon

    9. Frogs can be very, very, very, very, very tiny:

    A tiny frog next to someone's finger

    10. And screws? Well, screws can be absolutely gigantic:

    A giant screw

    11. Using a public toilet in ancient Rome was a real bonding experience:

    Roman latrine

    This is what the bathroom situation might have looked like. Very relaxing and cool!

    Drawing of men using a Roman latrine

    12. There have been some really terrible and really out-there amendments proposed to the US constitution:

    Constitution amendments

    13. It's possible to get a 2x4 from the center of a tree:

    A 2X4

    14. If a burn is bad enough, dirt will not stick to it anymore:

    A dirty hand with a burn

    15. This is the largest cemetery in the world, Wadi Al-Salaam Cemetery in Iraq:

    Wadi Al-Salaam Cemetery

    16. This is what a "modern" tomato looks like next to a tomato grown with 150-year-old seeds:

    Comparing new and old tomatoes

    17. This set of 52 playing cards, dating back to the 1400s, is the oldest surviving example of a full deck of cards:

    An old deck of cards

    18. Telephone lineworkers go to telephone lineworker school where they learn how to be telephone lineworkers:

    Telephone lineworkers

    19. Pens... pens can write a whole lot of words:

    A pen that contains 130,000 words

    20. This ancient comb contains the earliest known sentence written in the world's first alphabet:

    An old comb with writing engraved on it

    21. And, finally, King Henry VIII's armor had a very special feature:

    Old armor