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    19 Absolutely Jaw-Dropping Pictures That Left Me And My Teeny-Tiny Little Brain Speechless This Past Week

    Honestly, each and every one of these images is so fascinating. Take a look.

    1. This photo, taken by Louis Botan in 1899, is one of the first photos ever taken underwater:

    2. This is one of only two remaining pirate Jolly Roger flags in existence:

    3. This is what Brian Shaw, four-time winner of the World's Strongest Man competition, looks like next to a couple of 200-pound bodybuilders:

    4. This is the world's longest limo, the American Dream limo:

    5. This is one of two remaining Northern white rhinoceros left on Earth:

    6. There's a road in Japan that connects the Toyama and Nagano prefectures that are surrounded by giant snow walls that reach up to 65 feet high:

    bus next to the tall snow wall

    7. This 17th-century painting by Giovanni Stanchi shows what the inside of a watermelon looked like in the 1600s, before selective breeding:

    8. This is what the inside of Big Ben looks like behind one of its clock faces:

    9. When Hurricane Floyd hit Florida in 1999, flamingos from the Miami-Metro zoo took refuge in a bathroom to protect themselves from the storm:

    10. This is what a .22 caliber bullet looks like next to a .50 caliber bullet:

    11. You're probably familiar with the gold funerary mask of King Tut — but did you know that another pharaoh's gold death mask was found a few years later? This is the mask of the pharaoh Psusennes I:

    12. This is Louise Joy Brown, the first baby ever born after IVF, or in vitro fertilisation:

    13. Here's what Louise looks like today:

    14. There's a city in Russia located next to an absolutely gigantic diamond mine:

    15. This is what the inside of a 1970s spacesuit looked like:

    16. This is what the world's largest gold nugget, named the Welcome Stranger nugget, looked like. It was found in Australia in 1869:

    17. Square fire extinguishers exist:

    18. The head of an ant is absolutely terrifying up close:

    19. And, finally, if you win a car on The Price Is Right you get a special little license plate cover: