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I'm An Incredibly Dumb Man, So My Mind Was Completely Blown After Seeing These 19 Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The Very First Time Last Week

You're gonna want to check them out.

1. This is what New York City's Central Park looked like during the Great Depression:

A dirt- and rock-covered area with some small, hut-type houses on it

2. This is what's underneath a fire hydrant:

A huge hole in the ground showing a long pipe extending through the ground from the hydrant

3. This is what Antarctica looks like from space:

An icy surface in what almost looks like a snow globe

4. Emu eggs look like something out of Game of Thrones:

A huge blue speckled egg held in a hand

5. In 1918, a suffragette offered the following advice “to young ladies” on marriage:

Tip #1 is not to marry at all, but #2 if you must, avoid the "beauty men," flirts, tailor's dummies, and football enthusiasts and #3 look for a strong, tame men; also, #4 don't expect too much because most men are "lazy, selfish, drunken, unmanly brutes"

6. This is a picture of the first-ever international tennis match at Wimbledon in 1883:

A sparsely attended match on a small court on grass; the men are in long pants

7. A pair of giant panda twins were born last week in South Korea:

Two tiny hairless, pink babies on the floor in front of a giant panda, whose face is many times bigger than both of them

8. Here's a closer look at them:

Close-up of their tiny faces, with tiny hairs visible and a little tongue

9. The words added to the dictionary in 1900 are an absolute doozy:

"Words recently introduced" include aeroplane, automobile, aviation, futurist, eugenics, electron, chauffeur, linotype, housewifery, taxicab, suffragist (a supporter of women suffrage) and suffragette (a supporter of the more extreme woman-suffrage party)

10. The world's oldest diving suit is absolutely terrifying:

It looks like a mummified spacesuit with three large holes for the eyes and nose/mouth

11. This is what the world's first domestic vacuum cleaner looked like in 1906:

A woman in a long dress and apron vacuuming with a long attachment connected to what looks like a small steam engine

12. This is Venus the bulldog, the official mascot of the HMS Vansittart, a World War II destroyer in the Royal Navy:

A bulldog leaning out of a ship porthole and wearing an HMS hat

13. This is what an X-ray of a pregnant dog looks like:

A mass of dog skeletons visible in the dog's torso

14. This is what the inside of a bungee cord looks like:

Many tiny cords tied together

15. This is Joseph C. Gayetty, the man who invented commercial toilet paper:

An unsmiling, balding man with white hair and a white mustache, wearing a suit and tie

16. It's worth noting that toilet paper from that era looked very, very uncomfortable:

A very frayed, brownish roll of 1,000 sheets of "Buffalo" toilet paper

17. This is what cinnamon looks like fresh off the tree:

A large, pinkish strip

18. This is what years and years of layers of graffiti looks like:

A multicolored spiral amid a greenish background

19. And finally, there are avocados out there that just might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen:

A person holding extremely elongated, ripe avocado halves with the seed at the top of one half