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My Little Peanut Brain Is Completely Blown After Seeing These 22 Incredibly Interesting Pictures For The Very First Time Last Week

I honestly can't believe I didn't know any of this.

1. This is how horses fly on a plane:

2. This is what Hong Kong looked like circa 1920...

Hong Kong

3. And here's what it looks like today:

Kong Kong

4. During World War II, Walt Disney developed a Mickey Mouse gas mask, designed to help children get comfortable and relaxed while wearing the mask:

Walt Disney and a design of a Mickey Mouse gas mask

Here's a totally not frightening close-up:

Mickey Mouse gas mask

5. This is how big a baby kangaroo is when it's born:

6. This is a picture of some of Gandhi's only earthly possessions when he died:

Gandhi's items

7. This is Anaka, a gorilla who was born with pink pigmentation on her fingers:

A gorilla with pink fingers

8. This is what her fingers look like up close:

Anaka's fingers up close

9. Al Capone's Philadelphia prison cell was nicer than my apartment:

Al Capone's prison cell

10. This is the chair Abraham Lincoln was sitting in the night he was assassinated:

Closeup of an old chair

11. This is what the inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa looks like:

Inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

12. This right here is the Warner Bros. Studio Cafe menu from February 1941. It's a very "1941" menu:

Warner Bros. Studio Cafe menu

13. This is what the back of a soda fountain looks like:

Boxes with soda linked to a soda fountain

14. This is how big a giraffe's leg is:

Replica of a giraffe leg

15. This is what a nuclear reactor looks like from above:

A nuclear reactor

16. This is a helicoprion, a prehistoric shark famous for its razor sharp "tooth whorl" that totally isn't going to haunt my dreams:

helicoprion with an arrow pointing to its tooth whorl

17. Sinks can be very, very tiny:

A tiny sink

18. Chameleon eggs look like little pinto beans:

chameleon eggs

19. This is what a rat getting an MRI looks like:

20. This is how big a moose's tooth is:

A hand holding a moose tooth

21. Some libraries let you check out pots, pans, and other cookware:

Items for checkout at the library

22. And, finally, this is what happens when you polish a coconut:

A polished coconut