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My Dumb Little Brain Is Totally Blown After Seeing These 20 Incredibly Fascinating Pictures For The First Time Last Week

Honestly, all of these have my jaw on the floor.

1. Emu eggs look like something straight out of Game of Thrones:

Emu eggs (looking like very large avocados) with a sign $35 each

2. This is what Abraham Lincoln looked like when he became president in 1861...

Smiling slightly with a bow tie

...and this is what he looked like four short years later, in 1865:

With a bow tie but many more lines on his face

3. This is Pauline Musters, the shortest woman ever to live:

A woman standing on a small table

4. In 1933, A.L. Kahn caught a 5,000-pound manta ray off the coast of Florida:

A man stands next to a huge manta ray

5. Hotels used to have to put up signs explaining that electricity is safe and not to be feared:

6. In 1955 it cost $4.75 to go on 10 rides at Disneyland:

Magic Key book "10 Adventures in Disneyland"

7. In the 1930s, this couple won an Atlantic City dance marathon after dancing for 1,473 hours:

A couple sitting and holding awards

8. And, yes, people did fall asleep standing up while dancing at these marathons:

A man holding a sleeping woman as her legs dangle on the dance floor

9. Someone had to hand-carve all of the presidents' eyes on Mount Rushmore:

Person wearing a wide-brimmed hat and perched on the side of the mountain and carving the eyes

10. This extremely complicated thing is what the steering wheel of a Formula 1 race car looks like:

A steering wheel with many controls of different colors

11. This is the message then-president Jimmy Carter sent aboard the Voyager spacecraft to any aliens the ship might encounter:

A letter dated June 16, 1977, "a present from a small distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music," it "is likely to survive a billion years into our future," and we "hope to someday join a community of galactic civilizations"

12. California once had a place called the California Alligator Farm where children were encouraged to get up close and personal with alligators and even take them for rides:

A small child sitting on an alligator on the grass and holding a muzzle attached to its mouth

13. This terrifying picture is a close-up of a man with Bruce, the mechanical shark created for the movie Jaws:

A man with his harm in the shark's mouth, cleaning the "gums"

14. This is what a toucan's skeleton looks like:

A bird skeleton with a huge bill behind glass

15. This is a real 19th-century advertisement for cough medicine with a very special ingredient — heroin:

Scientifically compounded, scientifically conceived Glyco-Heroin (Smith): adult dose is 1 teaspoonful every two hours; children 3 or more, 5 to 10 drops for coughs

16. In Las Vegas in 1955, you could purchase a hotel plot for $3 million:

"Hotel site for sale" sign in the middle of an arid landscape

17. In 1926, two students were able to fully dissect an entire intact nervous system from a human body:

A framed image of the branches of the nervous system following the shape of a human body

18. In 1876, Virgil A. Gates patented the "Moustache Guard," an absolutely brilliant invention for "holding the moustache out of the way of food or liquid while eating or drinking":

A strap that goes around the ears and holds the mustache up

19. This is what a 100-year-old marriage certificate looks like:

A frayed, yellowed, folded sheet from 1922 with flowers on it

20. And, finally, most importantly, bananas float in rum but sink in cognac:

Two glasses, one of rum and one of cognac, with bananas floating in rum and at the bottom of the cognac