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    Okay, Literally Every Single One Of These 50 Things I Just Found Out Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Month

    Well, that's just about the neatest thing I've seen today.

    1. The words added to the dictionary in 1900 are an absolute doozy:

    Some big ones in there.

    2. Counterfeit tens look hilarious:

    3. Gorillas are built like TANKS compared to humans:

    4. Big lighters are just small lighters in disguise:

    5. This is Ruth Malcolmson, the woman who won the 1924 Miss America pageant:

    Ruth Malcolmson

    6. If you don't move your finger for a long time, you can lose the crease:

    7. White apples exist:

    They're known as white cloud apples and produce a "sweet, sub-acidic flavor in mid summer."

    8. Fifty-seven dollars worth of gold looks like a very, very, very tiny square:

    9. The McDonald's in Montrose, Colorado only has one arch:

    10. There's a bird that looks JUST like Danny DeVito:

    It's called a royal tern.

    11. Pineapples flower like this:

    12. As the caption says, lemons float, limes sink:

    13. The birthing suite at a Danish hospital is nicer than my apartment:

    14. This is what a piece of the moon and a piece of Mars looks like:

    Read and see more here.

    15. A Model A car cost $1,585 in 1915:

    That's about $43,753 in 2022 dollars, according to a random site I found on Google. As u/totally_italian joked in the comments, "I love how a car in 1915 had a shorter receipt than a pack of gum [today]."

    16. Toilet paper from the early 20th century looked very, very uncomfortable:

    It fact, it would often give your rear-end SPLINTERS.

    17. This is what Antarctica looks like from space:

    Read more about how this image was made here.

    18. This is what the Oval Office looks like without any furniture in it:

    Nothing on the walls, in the bookcases, or on the floor

    19. Back in the '50s, some airlines would give you a pack of cigarettes on the side with your dinner:

    20. This is what escalator steps look like out of their escalating context:

    21. Canadian Froot Loops look completely different:

    This is because they don't use artificial coloring in their cereal in Canada.

    22. Yellow watermelons exist:

    They apparently have more of a "honey" taste.

    23. Not all bacon grease is alike:

    24. Some libraries tell you just how much using them has saved you. Spoiler alert, my friend — it's a lot:

    25. Some ambulances have little stickers that let you know how many babies were born on them:

    26. Some planes have put a no electronics sign in place of their no smoking signs:

    27. Social Security cards used to not be a flimsy little piece of paper:

    28. Jupiter looks absolutely bonkers:

    29. Pickles look cool as all hell under an ultraviolet light:

    30. In 1947 you could get a hotel in Hawaii for $8:

    31. Waterproof casts exist and look pretty sweet:

    32. Unseasoned Doritos are, well, tortilla chips:

    33. Blueberries can be BIGBERRIES:

    34. Squash? Well, squash can be huge:

    35. Some toasters have truly solved the world's most pressing problem with a button:

    36. There's still a whole bunch of Y2K stickers floatin' around out there:

    37. And, finally, sometimes rocks can look like a delicious potato:

    Mmmmm...forbidden potato.

    38. Germans have dedicated "puke sinks" for when you party a little too hard:

    39. The ultimate Jenga tower has been ACHIEVED:

    40. Storms can be "move an entire piece of road" levels of powerful:

    41. This is what a fork looks like before it's born:

    42. Anonychia congenita is a condition that leads to the absence of toenails and fingernails:

    43. Some traffic lights show you how long you have left:

    44. Hundred-sided dice are INTENSE:

    45. Sometimes the people who make the pennies make mistakes:

    It happens.

    46. When two bodies of water meet, it can look really, really cool:

    47. Pupils can be off-center:

    This is known as corectopia.

    48. This is what a plane with no logos or anything looks like:

    49. Storage has come a long, long way:

    50. And I've said it before and I'll say it again — few things are more satisfying than well-worn clogs: