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My Dumb Little Brain Just Got Turned To Mush After Seeing These 22 Absolutely Mind-Blowing Pictures For The First Time Last Week

You learn somethin' new every day.

1. The doors on the presidential limousine are ridiculously thick:

A Secret Service agent opening a car door for President Joe Biden

2. This is how big a wisdom tooth is compared with a baby tooth:

A wisdom tooth with long roots and a tiny tooth in the palm of a hand

3. This is what the leg of the largest dinosaur to ever exist, the argentinosaurus, looks like compared with a human:

A woman standing next to the bones of a dinosaur leg in a museum and only reaching the top of the foot

4. A medium-sized shirt in North America is an extra large in Japan:

Label of a medium Champion shirt showing it's M/M in Canada, M in Mexico, and XL in Japan

5. This is the pistol Gavrilo Princip used to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand and set off World War I:

A gun behind glass on a pedestal

6. And this is the car Franz Ferdinand was driving in:

An old convertible-type car

7. Wine vending machines are a thing in Austria:

A vending machine containing bottles of wine

8. This is what an early design for an electric hair dryer looked like:

A seated woman underneath a metallic head covering that looks like armor, with metallic cables emerging from it and extending toward the ceiling or behind her

9. Here's another early hair dryer:

A smiling woman sits between two large metallic, round blowers that look as if they're about to squeeze the sides of her head

10. It was so cold in Calgary, Alberta, last week that the entire city was smoking:

Mist/fog/smoke rising above skyscrapers in the background, with a snowy highway in the foreground

11. This is what an Italian public school lunch looks like:

A plate with a large piece of meat and potatoes, with Brussels sprouts, pasta, and a roll on the side

12. This is what Robert Wadlow, the tallest man who ever lived, looked like when he was 10 years old:

He's actually taller than his father; both of them are dressed in suits and ties

13. Here's what he looked like on a plane:

He's wearing a suit and sitting with one leg stretched out on an old, single-row plane and a flight attendant behind him

14. And here's Wadlow at his tallest, coming in at 8 feet 11 inches:

He's wearing a suit and standing in front of a car next to two smiling women, one of whom comes to his hip and another to his waist

15. This is a list of every cause of death that occurred during a week in London in 1665:

The "deaths and casualties" include "feaver," "griping in the guts," "jaundies," "vomiting," "wormes," "suddenly," "strangury," "scurvy," sore legge," "sciatica," rupture," "rickets," "quinine," "lethargy," "plague," "aged," and "stopping of the stomach"

16. This is what a coca plant looks like:

Green shrubbery with the label "Cocaine plant / Erythroxylum coca / Erythroxylaceae / Ecuador, South America"

17. Chick-fil-A workers wear big, fluorescent pods when it's raining:

The Chick-fil-A parking lot in the rain, showing several people in neon-yellow, tubular bubbles with "windows"

18. You can buy banana-and-cinnamon pizza in Brazil:

A pizza pie with banana slices and LOTS of cinnamon on a table

19. Dentists practice on absolutely terrifying dummies:

A dummy/mannequin with a metallic head except for a narrow bottom half with a wide-open mouth showing even teeth

20. Recognize these big ol' rocks? This is Mount Rushmore before the presidential heads were carved into it:

Close-up of Mount Rushmore sans faces

21. This is the Speyer wine bottle, the oldest known bottle of wine on Earth:

A wine bottle containing a murky, motley liquid

22. And finally, apparently back in the day, peanut sellers would, well, wear suits with a ton of peanuts sewn into them:

Two people sitting in a horse-drawn carriage wearing suits and caps completely covered with peanuts