23 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Wow, I Miss Windows XP"

    Those were the days.

    1. That beautiful log-in screen:

    2. And picking the perfect login picture:

    3. The long search to find the program you want:

    4. Old reliable: Windows Media Player:

    5. That start-up screen:

    6. Downloading songs off Limewire and immediately infecting your comptuer:

    7. And infecting your computer with the 500 toolbars you downloaded:

    8. "This program has stopped responding":

    9. Picking the perfect desktop background:

    10. Even though we all know this one is the one true iconic background:

    11. The no internet struggle:

    12. The burning CD struggle:

    13. "What do you MEAN there isn't enough room???"

    14. The speakers every windows computer had:

    15. Loading up the Sims one more time:

    16. Making a masterpiece in paint:

    17. And stunting on everyone using word art:

    18. Using proto-YouTube in Internet Explorer:

    19. Picking the perfect screensaver:

    20. Sweet victory:

    21. The most helpful dog known to man:

    22. The never-ending shutdown:

    23. And the screen fading to grey while logging out: