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    28 Pictures That Will Trigger You In The Most 3rd Grade Way Possible

    It's all comin' back to me.

    1. The duality of slide:

    2. Your MASTERPIECE:

    3. The OG spinner:

    4. Intense battles with marker swords:

    5. The alpha and omega of elementary school lunch: square pizza:

    6. Fresh, untouched water color:

    7. That smell of pencil shaving every time you used a sharpener:

    8. The most stressful minute of your life:

    9. Rolling a giant TV into the room and knowing you were in for a good time:

    10. That sweet, sweet taste of the wooden spoon:

    11. Sneaking a peak at the teacher's grade book:

    12. Library cards with your brother's friend's cousin's name written on them:

    13. Those pull-down maps that would inevitably get ruined:

    14. Taking out all your rage on a poor, defenseless eraser:

    15. The last day of school tradition:

    16. "Bubblegum bubblegum in a dish":

    17. Rubbing glue all over your hands, for some reason:

    18. This devastating moment:

    19. That one girl who always came back from vacation looking like this:

    20. Those delicious looking "gambling" chips:

    And those actually delicious prizes:

    21. Looking forward to either parachute day or the day you ran over your fingers in gym class with these:

    22. Pencils where the lead was more valuable than gold:

    23. Book fairs... oh, the book fairs:

    24. When Valentine's Day was actually fun:

    25. The tastiest medicine known to humankind:

    26. Those metallic smelling, crusty old pinnies:

    27. The most lit parties of the year:

    28. And putting chairs upside down onto desks at the end of a long day:

    The end.

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