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    18 People Who Are Having A Way, Wayyyy Worse Time Stuck Indoors Than You

    At least you've got your health.

    If you're still healthy and having a rough time at home, just remember...

    1. At least you still have your TV:

    2. And your spaghetti:

    3. And your dog didn't murder your precious toilet paper:

    4. Hey, at least you aren't eating glass tonight:

    5. And at least your sink didn't explode:

    6. And at least you still have a bathroom to use:

    7. Hey, at least your plate didn't forget how to plate:

    8. And at least you don't have to reach into this toilet right now:

    9. And you don't have to reach into this litter box:

    10. And, hey, at least you still have your berries:

    11. Think about the positive things — this didn't happen to you:

    12. You didn't forget your emergency groceries:

    13. You didn't get sent the package equivalent of a slap in the face:

    14. And you didn't learn you have a brand-new roommate:

    15. At least working out indoors didn't lead to a head injury:

    16. Or a computer injury:

    17. Or a phone injury:

    18. And, hey, at least you won't be wiping with the world's worst toilet paper: / Via

    Could be worse.

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