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I'm Sorry, But It's Actually Impossible To Make It Through This Post Without Laughing

Give it a try.

Don't believe me? Take a look at...

1. These knockoff Doritos:

2. That delicious wafer candy:

3. And these fake, slightly suggestive Oreos:

4. The one-stop sandwich stop:

5. Thin Mints' thicc cousin:

6. Everyone's favorite computer game:

7. The cleanest of toothpaste:

8. The master:

9. The most delicious pizza:

10. Godzilla's less inspiring cousin:

11. Cold hard cash:

12. The best place to catch the bus:

13. The best soap around:

14. The gaming boy:

15. These slightly suggestive knockoff Oreos:

16. Pixar's best movie:

17. Everyone's favorite state:

18. This summer's biggest blockbuster movie:

19. Everyone's favorite character:

20. The spookiest Netflix show around:

21. The lovable tale of a mouse chef:

22. Nickelodeon's iconic character Sandwich Boy:

23. Hamburger Helper's weird Aunt Pan:

24. Aladdin's fever dream:

25. This touching film:

26. Those ang—uhhh, I mean mad birds:

27. It's terrifying cousin:

28. The battle of the titans:

29. Oreo's cousin that never wants to go out:

30. The world's favorite robotic — wait — Robert Cop:

31. And, of course, "butter":


32. Could it...

33. WHAT?

34. Isn't it?

35. I remember...


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