If You Think You're Having A Bad Day, Just Look At These 21 Poor Souls

    Say it with me: It could always be worse.

    If you're having a bad day, just remember...

    1. At least you didn't pick the worst day to wear a backpack:

    2. At least you aren't stuck in this airplane seat:

    3. And at least your pizza isn't 75% plastic:

    4. At least your coffee doesn't have a little something extra in it:

    5. And at least you didn't park here:

    6. At least your car didn't get a brand-new paint job:

    7. And at least you still have access to your car:

    8. At least you didn't get a little wild opening that envelope:

    9. And at least you didn't order the two worst things to order together:

    10. At least you aren't a walking Walmart billboard:

    11. Or a buried seagull toilet:

    12. At least you didn't use the microwave from hell:

    13. Or turn your microwave into hell:

    14. At least you didn't run into a bodybuilder's butt:

    15. And at least your dog didn't run into your home with this:

    16. At least you didn't give everyone your free code:

    17. And at least you weren't attacked by a door:

    18. At least you didn't lose a fight to the fly:

    19. Or lose a fight to a beer bottle:

    20. Or get stuck in this seat:

    21. And at least you aren't eating a mouthful of sand:

    And, hey, at least you aren't looking for Louie's: