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    21 Life-Changing Things That Don't Happen To You Until You're 25

    That's life.

    After you turn 25, you learn that..

    1. Fruits will betray you when you need them the most:

    2. There are levels to this stovetop thing:

    Twitter: @donfrijole / Via Practically Functional

    3. There are HUGE differences between grocery stores:

    Twitter: @Contwixt / Via Getty

    4. There's nothing better than that sweet new sponge:

    5. There's nothing worse than picking up the phone:

    6. You've got to be prepared for any scenario:

    7. You'll constantly surprise yourself:

    8. 8 p.m. = way too late:

    9. And 9 p.m. = disastrously late:

    10. You've got to have a routine:

    11. This is what "sleeping in" becomes:

    12. That chicken needed to be thawed for a reason:

    13. Teachers are crazy:

    14. Nothing beats a good ol'-fashioned day sesh:

    15. Everything's due:

    16. Ya gotta check the mail:

    17. Waking up is the hardest part of the day:

    18. Those appliances ain't half bad:

    19. Sometimes ya gotta grunt:

    20. Redecorating means moving one piece of furniture:

    21. Everyone is busy all the time:

    22. This is what death feels like:

    23. And you definitely won't understand anything:

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