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32 Pictures That Will Give You Intense Elementary School Flashbacks

Buckle up.

1. Shooting up lead:

2. The most stressful two minutes of your young life:

3. The world's best lunchtime dessert:

4. These sweet aromas:

5. Perhaps the world's least functional erasers:

6. Your signature:

7. This myth:

8. Trying to push all four colors down at the same time:

9. Seeing this in a room and being instantly relieved:

10. Running away from wasps on these playgrounds:

11. Pizza in its purest form: rectangle.

12. Rippin' and tearin' on this bad boy:

13. Butt scootering 'round the globe:

14. "I'll wait":

15. 80087355:

16. The best day of the year:

17. Or, actually, this was the best day of the year:

18. Marker battles:

19. Brownies from the great beyond:

20. Fooling around on this for as long as humanly possible:

21. Fighting intergalactic battles with math:

22. Colorful computers:

23. Impromptu sword fights:

24. Dropping this and having all your belongings explode across the room:

25. Completely disrupting the learning environment:

26. Stamp markers:

27. Going on a quest...WITH YOUR BRAIN:

28. Losing the tip of these and effectively rendering them useless:

29. Learning...WITH BLOCKS!

30. Secret correspondence:

31. Creating masterpieces:

32. And the four most beautiful words in the English language: "Heads down, thumbs up."

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