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35 Pictures From 2021 That Make Me Grin Uncontrollably No Matter How Many Times I've Seen Them

2021 wasn't all bad.

2021 wasn't always terrible. Just remember:

1. The brand new hair-dos:

dog with pigtails

2. The car purchases:

person who buys a car and gets money back for college

3. The perfect costumes:

dmv worker dressed as a sloth

4. The brand new authors:

my 96 year old grandpa has just had his own book published with all his poems from his life. it’s available on amazon if anyone is interested:) a review would make him so happy

Twitter: @jessica_keachie

5. The tight-knit families:

kid who calls the babysitter family

6. The dangerous, dangerous vehicles:

man playing a prank with a tiniy motorcycle

7. The attentive audiences:

Actual photo of service dogs watching Billy Elliot The Musical as part of their behaving in a theater training. My heart can’t take it

Twitter: @todd_spence

8. The family dinners:

cat family waiting for dinner

9. The gifts from the past:

person whose grandma gave them a gift to be opened after they pass

10. The fantastic sayings:

polish man who says the child must not be an obstacle after asking if a kid will be upset wiith loud noise

11. The best birthdays:

old man celebrating his birthday with a stranger because his wife passed

12. The heart- and body-warming blankets:

touching blanket from a deceased husband

13. The thoughtful tips:

big tip on a small bill

14. The important hobbies:

person who wakes up in the middle of the night to watch racoons

15. The little gifts:

person who buys candy for cashiers

16. The extra dairy:

kid who gets two gallons of milk for free from the store

17. The disc memories:

touching memory to a deceased disc player

18. The "wastes" of money:

19. The little baby olives:

20. Those warm, warm degrees:

girl sleeping in a degree blanket
Taylor Bailey / Facebook

21. The helpful birds:

my son has been feeding some crows on his way to school and he says one knows him and jumps around excited to see him- which is so cute- and today the crow gave him a dime lol

Twitter: @michellesound

22. The brand-new cars:

man eating a bag of chips while admiring his new car

23. The solidarity:

cat siittiing like its owner in solidarity

24. The horse pirates:

tweet reading someone in my norwegian class didn't know the word for cowboys so called them american horse pirates

25. The gardeners:

google maps image of a grandpa that passed away

26. The balloon kindness:

27. The lovely notes:

Proud dad moment today. My 10yr old son saw a new kid sitting by himself. Another friend and he decided to hang out with him over lunch. He got this lovely note at the end of the day😢❤️

Twitter: @KahlonRav

28. The big wins:

29. The study pizzas:

30. The pet surprises:

person who surprised their pets by not leaving for work

31. The extra credit:

If students thoroughly read my online syllabus, they'll find an easter egg to send a picture of an otter for extra credit. I forget that I've done this until I start receiving emails titled "otter lol."

Twitter: @HancockNiki

32. The explosive celebrations:

someone celebrating a person who was supposed to not live past 18 turning 40

33. The caring gifts:

cat getting a gift from dad

34. The perfect fits:

cat who has a tiny little bed

35. And, finally, remember this image:

I had to come all the way to Central Park in New York to finally get a hug!

Twitter: @levarburton

Great image.