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Help, I Seriously Can't Stop Laughing At All These Absolutely Perfect Texts People Sent This Year

My goodness, these are so good.

1. The feelings text:

person who just sends a picture of a hampster to describe their mood

2. The meeting text:

person just responds chicago o'hare aiport to a question

3. The Employee of the Month text:

person responding strangely to winning employee of the month

4. The Aunt Jenny text:

old person using the wrong emoji

5. The portrait text:

person drawing a funny portrait of a stranger

6. The Hi Babe text:

person who texted hi babe and the other person susses out they bought a giant rock

7. The deep question text:

person asks if butterflies get humans in their stomach when nervous

8. The decision text:

person who thinks roe vs wade is a boxing match

9. The twin text:

person who says they had twins and someone asks how many babies is that

10. The Amazon text:

person returning a product their child purchased called extreme fart pack

11. The arrival text:

person who responds to a we are on the way text by just saying the toilet

12. The glasses text:

funny exchange where an emoji takes off their sunglasses

13. The WYM text:

person who doesn't know what wym means

14. The auctioneer text:

someone asks if their dad can talk about they say not fast like an auctioneer

15. The boiling water text:

person being told to boil water and they boil cups

16. The Dave's text:

wrong number text that reads hey dave's my milk

17. The mineral text:

someone says they are going to drink cave water

18. The Arkansas text:

person saying arkansas for no reason

19. The Bitmoji text:

grandma sends a bitmoji that says gotta poop

20. The location text:

person being asked where you at and they respond horse

21. The cookie text:

text reading wefer

22. The sentimental text:

Text messages from an old person that's about remembering their granddaughter while on the toilet

23. The testing text:

person who thinks a pregnancy test is a covid test

24. The mood text:

mom asking what does mood af mean and the person explains it and they ask why did you comment that under a video of a gorilla throwing shit

25. The ego text:

person saying you need oversized luggage for the size of your ego

26. The pig text:

voice to text mistaking paint bucket for pig fucker

27. The hacker text:

a one-sided suggestion that someone hacks a bank

28. The missed call text:

dad who keeps trying to call but then eventually just says transformers rise of the beast

29. The milk text:

person speaking gibberish when talking about milk

30. The flirting text:

person sliding into dms with a pic of a frog on a skateboard

31. The Robert text:

text saying you're a piece of shit and then is this robert and they say its todd and they say fuck off todd you're a piece of shit too

32. The carnal text:

wrong number just saying carnal clebe

33. The potato text:

person who says a baked potato is a taco

34. The seahorse text:

someone responds to a serious text with just a bacon seahorse

35. The furry text:

a person asks their friend what a football furry is and they mean mascot

36. The bird text:

person sending a pic of a bird and the other person says i hate him dumb bird wing toobig

37. The son text:

someone eats someone else's hummus

38. The website text:

a response that a website is "normal screen size" when asked how big it is

39. The old friend text:

someone embarasses themselves in the bahtroom

40. The Saw text:

someone sexting in a strange way and someone responds you sext like jigsaw

41. The Bionicle text:

person sending a bioncle because they are angry

42. The reincarnation text:

person saying you are living proof that souls undergo reincarnation no one can be this stupid in one lifetime

Did you enjoy all these wacky texts but really wish you could've been movin' and groovin' to some Cool Tunes™ while reading 'em? You're in luck, my boy. Check out this playlist of my favorite songs I listened to in 2022. Bless ya!