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    A Whole Bunch Of "Game Of Thrones" Fans Are Probably Regretting One Thing Right Now


    So, on the off chance you missed Thrones last night and are reading articles about it like a big ol' dum-dum, I'll be happy to spoil it for you:

    Basically, Daenerys, also known as Khaleesi, wrecked the shit out of shit.

    I'm talkin' real deal, creamed veal, Bradley Beal, Real Steel (2011), wrecked shit.

    Like, "burned a bunch of innocent people alive" wrecked shit.

    Like, "my rear end after I get a little overzealous with those four-day-old leftovers in the fridge" wrecked shit.

    Basically, she lost her dang marbles and brutally massacred everyone in sight.

    Which is all well and good in this F I C T I O N A L show except for ONEEEE tiny thing...

    All those poor parents who named their kid "Khaleesi" after her over the last few years.

    The face of the parents who named their baby girls "Khaleesi": #GameOfthrones #GOT #Khaleesi

    There's a lot of them.

    Game of Thrones baby names are more popular than ever. Here are some numbers from kids born in 2018: Khaleesi: 560 Tyrion: 58 Brienne: 33 Jorah: 30 Sansa: 29 Ramsay: 15 Theon: 14 Khal: 9 Daenarys: 8 Benjen: 6 See the full list:


    Like, way more than you'd think.

    Looking through the latest Social Security baby-name data released today, Khaleesi is now a more popular girls' name than Gloria, Anne or Julie. (And yet, no one is using Khaleesi's real name, Daenerys.)

    Ya gotta feel for them. You never want to have to explain why you named your kid after the character who just immolated like 40,000 peasants.

    Everyone who named their baby Daenerys/Khaleesi going to their clerk of courts in the morning for legal name changes #GameOfThrones

    Not a good look.

    The face of all the parents that named their kid Daenerys, Dany, or Khaleesi #GameofThrones

    A true yikes moment in a world filled with yikes.

    I bet all those women who named their new babies Daenerys or Khaleesi a couple years back are feeling pretty regretful right about now. 😂 #gameofthrones

    And not to be THAT guy, but this is almost as bad as being named "Emperor Theodosius I" or "Gaius Suetonius Paulinus."

    all the women who named their babies “Khaleesi” right now: #GameofThrones

    Sorry! I went there!

    Honestly, you hate to see it. Things are going to be awkward at the preschool.

    all the women who named their babies “Khaleesi” right now:

    This is why you should always wait 'til the conclusion of Season 8 of your favorite television show before naming your kid.