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25 Things That Blew Your Mind 15 Years Ago But Are Now Completely Worthless

The future used to be now.

1. iPhone apps where you drank fake beer:

2. Or iPhone apps where you could download a fake lighter:

3. And even before that, phones with internet on them in the first place:

4. See-through electronics:

5. Those watches that lit up blue:

6. The original iPod with a million buttons:

7. Or some off-brand MP3 player that looked like this:

8. A TV with a freakin' VHS player BUILT INTO IT:

9. Or, be still my beating heart, a TV with a DVD player in it:

10. Portable DVD players:

11. Those robot dogs that eventually died and just became things your parents tripped over:

12. Car phones:

13. Aggressively thick big screen TVs:

14. These exact light switches:

15. That fish that everyone's uncle had for some reason:

16. Netflix's DVD service:

17. A DVD or VHS player in their car:

18. CD players with 45-second skip protection:

19. Digital cable:

20. Hit Clips:

21. That paper toss iPhone game:

22. Those batteries that let you check how much energy was left:

23. Colorful ketchup:

24. That cassette tape that let your connect your iPod to your car stereo:

25. And finally, the ALPHA and the OMEGA... a VHS AND DVD player: