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I'm Dying Laughing At These 35 Times Old People Were Completely And Totally Inappropriate On The Internet

They have such a wonderful way with words.

1. When grandma made very clear how she feels about your cooking:

2. When grandma delivered two very important pieces of news:

3. When dad had but one question:

4. When grandpa wanted one thing and one thing only:

5. When grandma left a tough but fair reivew:

6. When Stacey gave the most positive message she could:

7. When grandpa shared some important info:

8. When grandma spoke straight from the heart:

9. When Vincent told it like it is:

10. When Mike shared a harrowing tale:

11. When Kathy paid tribute to a friend long gone:

12. When grandma had a very important question:

13. When grandpa made a small error in his review:

14. When grandpa, well, was honest:

15. When grandpa presented the deal of a lifetime:

16. When mom got the follow request of the century:

17. When grandma finally got those digits:

18. When Donna told tales of yore:

19. When Patricia responded to Joyce's score:

20. When grandma posted the sale of a lifetime:

21. When grandma finally got what she was looking for:

22. When grandma made it crystal clear what she was looking for:

23. When grandma shot her shot:

24. When grandpa cried out for help:

25. When grandpa sought out the Todd:

26. When Amanda made her position abundantly clear:

27. When this person made this sad fact known:

person commenting on a chocolate bar adds that because of the almonds they caant eat it

28. When grandpa took zero crap:

person responding angrily to a normal question on amazon

29. When this person shared their favorite local cuisine:

person saying their favorite local food is hornet

30. When this person told the truth. The honest truth:

news person asking if anyone heard a train in richmond and someone replies i don't live in richmond

31. When grandpa didn't tiptoe around the issue:

someone asking to be removed from a group and getting directions how to and then they say don't waste my time

32. When grandpa answered the question eloquently:

33. When grandma kept on screamin':

someone typing in all caps and another person says stop using caps and they say i have typed in caps for 40 years

34. When Kenny did exactly what was asked:

person asking for numbers and someone named kenny just sends their name

35. And when grandma said you better watch it:

meme of a microwave that says ding ding enjoy your bowl of cold ass food and grandma said i am goign to slap your mouth