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Okay, I Can't Stop Laughing At These People On The Internet Who Totally, Completely, 100% Nailed Their Responses So Far In 2023

Such a beautiful way with words.

1. On Canada:

Person asks how do you see the average Canadian and someone says by traveling to Canada

2. On clothing:

Someone says one day you'll buy the clothes you die in and someone responds "not if i die naked in an orgy"

3. On pirates:

Person asks if someone is an "arr" pirate or "yo ho ho" pirate and they respond "I'm a 'not paying 600 for Photoshop' pirate"

4. On women:

A call to action asking people to finish the sentence "Women are," and someone says "women are not a frog"

5. On spelling:

Someone spells a word wrong and gets told you can tell a teacher used to hand back your test upside down

6. On alligators:

Someone tells a dad joke about alligators that's labeled "NSFW," and someone asks why it is NSFW, and someone says alligators are not safe at most workplaces

7. On death:

Someone asks what would you say to the Grim Reaper, and someone responds "you will never catch me alive"

8. On 1812:

Someone asks what year the War of 1812 was and they get told 1812

9. On the countries of the world:

Person says explain your country in one word and let others guess the name and someone says Philippines

10. On change:

Person says change does not come from comfort and someone responds i find pennies and nickels in my couch all the time

11. On movie etiquette:

Person says they are the only one in the screening of Avatar and someone says now 100% of the audience has their phone out

12. On sources:

Someone asks for a source for German crime rates and someone says Google, and they say where is the website and get sent a link to Google

13. On sweatpants:

Someone says they don't know a woman alive who doesn't like a man in gray sweatpants, and someone says they're a woman alive and aren't ever attracted to men

14. On jail:

Someone asks why a person was in jail and they respond, breaking the law mostly

15. On the hospital:

Someone asks what's a sign you need to go to the hospital, and someone says I'm a doctor, I get a phone call

16. On smoke machines:

Someone says that every machine is a smoke machine if your operate it wrong enough

17. On the Revolutionary War:

Question that says "Washington's army did not receive any support from ___" and the response is "Godzilla," and person says their history teacher would give a half point because the answer is not wrong

18. On rights:

A sign says Satan was the first to demand equal rights, and someone says they can't tell if this is anti–equal rights or pro-Satan

19. On being annoying:

Someone asks if someone can teach them trumpet so they can annoy their neighbor,  and someone say that's the best part, you don't have to learn to play it to annoy them — just try your best and have fun

20. On uranium:

Someone tweets a Google search for "how many calories in uranium" and the answer — 20 billion calories — and someone says yet another reason not to eat uranium

21. On cops:

Someone asks what's not illegal but would get a cop's attention, and someone responds waving at them and calling them to come to you

22. On surprising sights:

Someone asks what was your reaction to first seeing a naked woman, and someone says no reaction at all because they were "literally just seconds old, covered in slime and in a state of shock"

23. And on the rear:

Person says they can't believe they're back together after all that shit, someone asks who, and they say "my ass cheeks lmfao"