My Tiny Little Peanut Brain Just Got Turned To Mush After Seeing These 22 Absolutely Mind-Bending Pictures For The First Time Last Week

    Now, this is some neat stuff.

    1. This is what a turtle getting an X-ray looks like:

    Turtle with head and limbs sticking out between two flat metal surfaces, looking puzzled

    2. This is the view from the toilet on the 155th floor of the United Arab Emirates' Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world:

    Bathroom with toilet next to floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking expansive view

    3. Hail can be really, really, really big:

    Hand holding a tennis ball next to a comparably sized piece of hail, showing the large size of the hailstone

    4. Entire houses can be moved on the back of a truck:

    An old two-story house is being transported on a large trailer with people sitting on the porch roof on the highway

    5. This is what a smoker's window looks like compared with a nonsmoker's window:

    Two stacked windows with blinds on a brick wall, with the blinds of one window light brown and other white

    6. This is what the inside of a walnut tree looks like:

    Man standing next to a forklift holding a large, sliced tree trunk with dark wood

    7. The picture, from 1930, shows what the Empire State Building looked like while it was under construction:

    Black-and-white photo of the building with the top floors with scaffolding

    8. This 65-foot-tall behemoth is the world's largest sandcastle, built in Denmark in 2021:

    An elaborate sandcastle sculpture with intricate details, including doors, windows, and battlements, and a person walking by in the foreground

    9. Maple leaves...maple leaves can be very, very tiny:

    A tiny red leaf rests in the center of a person's open palm

    10. This is how big Plymouth Rock is in real life:

    A large but not enormous rock behind bars, with people looking at it

    11. This is one of the world's largest offshore gas platforms, the Troll A platform, located in Norway:

    Offshore drilling platform rising far above the ocean on four towers, with a supply ship nearby

    12. Here's an ad for that website from 1999:

    1999 Google homepage ad with text praising the site's simplicity and fast-loading search: "a pure search engine — no weather, no news feed, no links to sponsors, no ads, no distractions"

    13. This particular breed of sheep, known as Hissar or Gissar, is famous for its large, ample buttocks:

    Sheep in a pen with protruding, elongated buttocks

    14. This is what a completely empty CVS store looks like:

    An empty, bare open space without aisles, shelves, checkout, or items for purchase

    15. See that little hole there? This is what Mount Vesuvius looks like from space:

    An arrow pointing to a dot on a landscape

    16. This is what a counterfeit $50 bill (on top) looks like compared with a real one:

    Two US $50 bills, one above the other, with slight design differences

    17. These are the real-life outfits doctors would wear to treat plague patients in the 1600s:

    Two people in historical plague-doctor costumes with long robes, long gloves, and beaklike masks that have eye openings and extend to the shoulders

    18. This is what a pineapple that has flowered looks like:

    Young pineapple growing among pointy leaves, with purple flowers emerging from its top

    19. This isn't a big ol' grape. It's the world's largest single-celled organism:

    Translucent, speckled orb nestled among seafloor vegetation with marine life

    20. Some dishwashers have special slots for chopsticks:

    Two decorative chopsticks held upright in a dishwasher utensil rack for cleaning

    21. A fire alarm is...just a switch!

    The inside of a fire alarm shows a switch

    22. And finally, every single letter in the alphabet appears in at least one US state...except for the letter "Q":

    Map of the United States of America with each state's name