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My Dumb Little Brain Just Got Blown After Seeing These 19 Absolutely Incredible Pictures For The First Time Last Week

How fascinating.

1. This is what the cabin of a passenger plane looked like in the 1930s:

Interior of an old train carriage with rows of wooden seats and overhead luggage racks

2. This is what a solar eclipse looks like from space:

View from the International Space Station showing Earth's horizon and solar panels

3. This is what the tank underneath the pumps at a gas station looks like:

Two large, cylindrical tanks installed underground with visible pipes and protective covering

4. Strawberries, my friend, strawberries can be very, very big:

A hand holds a very large strawberry with prominent seeds and a green leafy top

5. And sunflowers? Sunflowers can be very, very big:

Person standing next to a tall sunflower that reaches above a two-story house's roofline

6. This is what a volcano erupting looks like from space:

Aerial view of a coastline and a smoke plume from a fire, seen through an airplane window

7. This is what the skeleton of the tallest man who ever lived, 8'1" Robert Wadlow, looked like:

Tall skeleton exhibit above a photo of a tall man with two others

8. This is how long it took to travel to different parts of the United States in 1800:

Map showing 1800 travel times from New York with isochronic lines for weeks to destinations

9. There's a pink lake named Lake Hillier in Australia:

Aerial view of Lake Hillier, notable for its distinct pink color, surrounded by greenery and blue waters

Here's what it looks like from space:

Satellite view of landmass with a uniquely heart-shaped lake in the center

10. Clouds can be square:

View from airplane window showing the horizon and blanket of clouds below

11. This is what the editing timeline for the movie Dune 2 looks like:

Corrupted image with horizontal lines and glitched visual data, content not discernible

12. This is a champagne inspector wearing a champagne-inspecting mask in case of any champagne-related explosions:

Person in patterned attire holding champagne bottles, wearing a face net. Vintage setting

13. Some beer cans have brail warnings on them, notifying people that there's alcohol in the can:

Sealed beverage can with text and graphics, condensation visible on surface

14. This is a picture of the construction workers who built the Chase Manhattan Bank posing with their work:

Workers line the decks of a multi-level shipyard during construction

15. Traffic lights are almost the size of a full grown human:

Two workers in safety vests operating a cherry picker near a "City of Tucson" truck

16. This is what the grave site of President James Monroe looks like:

Gothic-style outdoor memorial structure with an American flag and wreath at its base

17. This is how much it cost to go to Disneyland in 1997:

Three vintage Disneyland passports displayed on a surface, dated August 27, 1989

18. Duck eggs can be black:

A hand holding an oval-shaped stone near a window with a view of a brick surface outside

19. And, finally, for two brief years, 1934-5, the United States issued a $100,000 bill with Woodrow Wilson's big ol' mug on it:

Certificate for $100,000 in gold with a portrait of Woodrow Wilson, flanked by ornate designs