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19 Pictures Of Food That'll Make You Say "WHAAAAAAAAT"

Some things are just too weird to eat.

1. This smilin' onion:

2. The snake-like fruit loop:

3. The world's longest grape:

4. This curly fry that curled into an & symbol:

5. This inverted egg:

6. Long Cheerio. LONG CHEERIO:

7. These blueberries that are truly absolute units:

8. This lemon from the 5th dimension:

9. This bulb of garlic that's just one big ol' clove:

10. This Pringle folded in on itself:

11. The world's cutest l'il pineapple:

12. Mario, but in strawberry form:

13. This skinny ol' M&M:

14. This grape being strangled by its own vine:

15. This pepper that seemingly has a strawberry inside:

16. The grossest looking egg money can buy:

17. This grape that looks like a pumpkin:

18. This Reeses with no chocolate at all:

19. And, finally, because I love all of you... this strawberry shaped like a heart: