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19 Americans Who Have Absolutely No Idea What Their Flag Looks Like

Nice try!

Before we get started here, just a quick refresher:

THIS is the flag of the United States of America.

And THIS is the flag of Liberia.

1. And THIS is a person who has no idea what the American flag looks like:

2. Try again.

3. That's not what you think it is.

4. That's...that's....

5. You're a few stars off.

6. Not quite.

7. No no no.


8. This ain't it.

9. Which president are we talking about here?


10. That's not nice, right flag or not.

11. Uhhhhhhhh...

12. Thank you for your support of southern Liberia:


13. Why bring southeast Spain into this?

14. Thank you, Obama, for not destroying Liberia.

15. Nope.

16. God bless Liberia.

17. Even more support for the southern part of Liberia:


18. Yikes.


PSA: 🇺🇸: American Flag 🇱🇷: Liberian Flag 🇨🇱: Chilean Flag (Not Texas) Use the right emojis. You look dumb.


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