Honestly, I Feel Bad For You If You Don't Find Any Of These 40 Pictures Nostalgic

    I really do.

    1. Glorious orange tapes:

    2. The rush of finding what you're looking for behind its box:

    3. The alpha and the omega of playgrounds:

    4. The most powerful words in the english language:

    5. The excitement of finding out if you won:

    6. Designing the perfect album art after burning a CD:

    7. Sitting in one of these chairs from the 1800s on a hot summer day:

    8. Delicious 'roos:

    9. The ultimate collection:

    10. The only road map you needed as a kid:

    11. The world's fishiest book:

    12. The best sight to see at school:

    13. These forgotten treasures:

    14. A swingset so old it'd pop out of the ground the higher you got:

    15. Transparent phones, gameboys, you name it:

    16. The little ash tray on an old car door that you'd just stuff some garbage into:

    17. That smell:

    18. Your after school appointment viewing:

    19. And that commercial that played 500 times during it:

    20. The original Avengers:

    21. The only gum that could also save your life:

    22. The most challenging game known to humankind:

    23. Digging out a prize from the bottom of a cereal box:

    24. One of the best days at school:

    25. And the other best day at school:

    26. That login screen:

    27. One of the most difficult choices you ever had to make:

    28. The OG emojis:

    29. That roller skate rink smell:

    30. Fine lunch cuisine:

    31. Those little treasure boxes for teeth:

    32. Disney cups. Oh! Disney cups:

    33. All the tools a successful artist ever needs:

    34. Delicious face:

    35. Everyone's favorite frenchman, Pierre Escargot:

    36. Brownies from another dang universe:

    37. Your first iPod:

    38. The best tasting fruit snacks in history:

    39. The original fidget spinner:

    40. And the bedroom every kid wanted: