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    26 Things That Absolutely Terrified Millennial Children That Are Actually Completely Harmless

    Honestly, I'm still kinda scared.

    As kids, we were convinced...

    1. The Bermuda Triangle is not only VERY real, but it will have a VERY big impact on your life:

    so did anyone else go through a phase as a kid where u were genuinely concerned ab the bermuda triangle???? 6 y/o me was like bro???? why are we not solving this PROBLEM??

    2. Tearing off the mattress tag is a capital offense:

    Did anyone else believe as a kid that theyd go to prison or arrested if they ripped the tag off of a pillow or mattress?

    mattress tag reads: "under the penalty of law this tag not to be removed except by the consumer"

    3. If you swallow a seed, a plant is going to grow in your body:

    Did anyone else have the irrational fear of a watermelon growing in your stomach if you swallowed a seed? I blame that rugrats episode

    Twitter: @horhey_

    4. Skunks will get you... eventually:

    Tv shows as a kid really made getting sprayed by a skunk and having to take a tomato sauce bath seem like a when, not an if

    Twitter: @dwzmann

    5. Man-eating plants are going to hunt you down:

    when i was a kid i thought that if i put my finger in a venus fly trap i was just gonna straight up lose that finger so i was genuinely scared of them until i was like 12

    Twitter: @91FLICKERR

    6. Quicksand will be a GIGANTIC issue in your small Northeast town:

    did anyone else think as a kid that quicksand was going to be a much more a prevalent issue in life?

    man in suit getting swallowed by quicksand

    7. You're going to accidentally eat silica gel and poison yourself:

    Who else believed as a kid this silica gel packs had poison in them...? ☻

    8. A murderer is hiding right behind that shower curtain:

    When I was a kid every time I went to the bathroom I was paranoid like

    9. If you don't think quick you're going to get your shoe sucked into the escalator:

    a flip flop sucked into an escalator

    10. If you turn on a light in a car, the car will immediately crash:

    Why did my momma make me think it was illegal to turn a light on in a car while you were driving throughout my whole childhood

    11. Demons will appear if you don't keep your eyes open in the shower:

    Me opening my eyes after washing my hair for .2 seconds cuz i think a demon watching me

    12. And demons always come out RIGHT after the light goes out when you're running up stairs:

    Fact: when you are downstairs & you turn all the lights off, there's a very real possibility a murderer will appear from nowhere & kill you

    Twitter: @katrinadem90

    13. Meteors will be a MAJOR thing:

    I was really concerned about meteors when I was younger. I thought they’d be a bigger problem than they turned out to be.

    14. You gotta watch out for booby traps around every corner:

    As a kid I thought booby traps were going to be way bigger problem than they turned out to be

    15. Someone is always trying to read your mind:

    person imagining the inside of their mind

    16. Your face will get stuck like THAT if you keep doing THAT:

    Do parents still tell their kids “your face is going to get stuck like that” when they make ugly faces? Or was that only used to traumatize our generation?

    17. And so will your eyes:

    Did anyone else’s parents used to tell them if you cross your eyes too long they’ll get stuck like that?

    18. There's a shark in the deep end:

    My irrational fear during childhood

    Twitter: @ApolloXXVII_

    19. The fan's going to fall on you:

    When I was a little kid, I used to be scared that the ceiling fan would fall on me if I left it on while I was asleep.

    Twitter: @AnnaHite

    20. Gum will never leave your stomach:

    did anyone else use to believe that gum would stay in your stomach for 7 years if you swallowed it pls say yes or i’ll feel weird

    21. The moon is following you:

    Who else believed that the moon tried to keep up with the car you were in when you were a kid?

    22. One day, you'll be forced to write in cursive every single day for the rest of your life:

    Did anyone else as a kid, believe that when you got older you had to write in cursive all the time?

    23. Black holes are going to be a BIG DEAL:

    i really thought as a kid that black holes would be something i’d have to worry about in adult life

    Twitter: @nina_zaremba

    24. Bugs are gonna climb up in ya:

    When you were younger did you fear falling asleep because you thought an earwig may infiltrate your ear, lay eggs in your brain and ultimately destroy you, or were you normal?

    Twitter: @maryycherryy

    25. Your hand is going to get stuck in this table forever:

    fingers stuck through a woven table

    26. And one day, you'll just randomly blow up:

    Did anyone else think spontaneous human combustion would be more of a issue when they were a kid

    Note: obviously, quicksand, meteors, and freak accidents can be dangerous. This is an entertainment post, not a dissertation, king.