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    27 Indisputable Facts Everyone Born Before 1999 Knows Are True For Absolutely No Reason

    They just are.

    1. Skip protection was a lie:

    2. There were never any cookies:

    3. This is the loudest sound known to humankind:

    4. There was no better sight at school:

    5. Everyone thought the blue part had magical powers:

    6. There was always tear. So many tears:

    7. There was no worse feeling:

    8. When you didn't have any internet, these things were there for you:

    9. Nothing was hotter:

    10. The disappointment was immeasurable:

    11. There was no greater pain:

    12. You had to try to push them all down:

    13. These things were school supply bombs waiting to happen:

    14. Ya had to grab these:

    15. These taught you what pain truly was:

    16. These just kind of... appeared:

    17. You can hear this picture:

    18. Nothing was better than the smell of fresh VHS:

    19. Your tastebuds were never the same after eating these straight out the oven:

    20. Big box TVs are some of the heaviest objects in existence:

    21. Nothing took longer:

    22. Losing this was like losing a child:

    23. Robotic animals are impossible to keep alive:

    24. Ya had to draw it everywhere:

    25. If you saw this it meant things were about to GO DOWN:

    26. Inflatable furniture never really worked right:

    27. You never forget the smell:

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