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29 Extremely Specific Things Literally Everyone Did As A Kid For No Reason

Why did we do these???

1. Drew this exact sun in the corner of every drawing you made:

2. Ran your finger along this part of the wall while bored in school:

3. Hoped and prayed that the movie or game you wanted would be behind the box:

4. Created an entirely new world in your room:

5. Spent way too long flipping through posters you never bought:

6. Went to the grocery store and pulled these down for no reason:

7. Went so hard on the swings that the poles started to come out of the ground:

8. Burned the hell out of your arm on an old car astray:

9. Let your masterpiece dry on this exact rack:

10. Fell asleep in the back of the class while a teacher used the overhead projector:

11. Spent way too long trying to take the plastic wrap off a CD:

12. Made a very powerful marker sword and have it immediately snap in two:

13. Looked outside the bus window on a rainy day, drawing pictures on the condensation:

14. Dove deep to the bottom of the pool to get these rings:

15. Filled one of these up on a hot summer day:

16. Broke a mechanical pencil for no good reason:

17. Poured glue over your hand, let it dry, and peeled it off:

18. Had the conversations of a lifetime at this exact table:

19. Tried to push them all down at the same time:

20. Pulled super slowly trying to get onnnnne more ticket:

Spent way too long trying to figure out what your arcade tickets could get you:

21. Put a pin through your skin for some reason:

22. Unraveled the design off the world's worst pencil:

23. Felt incredible seeing a prize fall out of your cereal box:

24. Did the original copy and paste with some silly putty:

25. Hung out by at this exact spot:

26. Stabbed the life out of your eraser:

27. Drank from a hose on a hot summer day, taking in that sweet hosey water smell:

28. Made a top 10 hit with the help of your trusty fan:

29. And thought you were super cool for having the world's smallest pencil: