28 Extremely Specific Things That Are In Basically Every Single Man's Apartment In His Early 20s

    I can practically smell this post.

    Maybe it was you. Maybe it was a friend of yours. Maybe it was a friend of a friend of a friend with a four-foot bong. The fact is, every single person on Earth knows someone who, between the ages of 18 and 25, lived in an apartment with...

    1. A coffee table that is absolutely filled to the brim with random trash:

    2. Complete with crusty ol' weed from an undetermined amount of time ago...

    3. ...a burned-out ocean-themed scented candle that doubles as an ashtray...

    4. ...an old Domino's box from AT LEAST two weekends ago:

    5. And, of course, at least one random video game controller standing alone in the midst of the chaos:

    6. A living room with a couch that looks like it's had a lifetime supply of asses sit on it...

    7. ...generally with some dude who doesn't live there crashing on it at like 2 p.m.:

    8. Next to that is one singular "good chair" that seemed to be the sole domain of one dude:

    9. And a patio chair that's secretly the best seat in the house:

    10. The decorations must be either a random flag hung on the wall...

    11. ...or a bunch of old beer cases delicately secured to the wall with electrical tape:

    12. There's always a copious amount of empty liquor bottles on top of the kitchen cabinets...

    ...next to several jugs of protein powder that no one can reach without climbing on the counter:

    13. The fridge needs to have basically nothing in it except for some beer and an expired pack of chicken:

    14. And a gallon of milk with exactly THIS much left shoved way into the back:

    15. The kitchen also has to have a sink piled full of "somebody else's" dishes:

    16. A full roll of paper towels directly next to an empty roll:

    17. And a garbage can that looks like the world's stickiest game of Jenga:

    18. Inside the bathroom there's always a toilet paper roll with either a mere sliver of TP left...

    ...or a full roll nestled on top of an older roll:

    19. The bathroom sink should also be completely filled hairs of undetermined origin:

    20. And the bathtub must have a very similar hairy vibe:

    21. No bathroom is complete without a razor in the shower that no one has used in months and is quickly becoming a tetanus hazard:

    22. A bottle of 3-in-1 shampoo-conditioner-mouthwash that's been half full since freshman year:

    23. And, of course, a bar of soap with one single pube on it:

    large text that says, redacted

    24. Under no circumstances can there be any hand towels in the bathroom. You have to use a damp, musty shower towel to dry your hands:

    25. Every bedroom has a mattress pushed into the corner with absolutely no bed frame:

    26. A bed sheet taped to the wall in lieu of a curtain:

    27. And blinds that are out here fighting for their LIFE:

    28. Lastly, no early twentysomething's apartment is complete without a smoke detector that either is unplugged or has been beeping for weeks: