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    35 Things Millennials Thought Were Completely Normal But Are Now Deeply Embarrassing In Retrospect

    Okay, maybe that was a little cringey.

    1. Publicly put friends on blast:

    tweet reading myspace really made us publicly rank our friends 1-8

    2. Just scream movie quotes at each other in lieu of a personality:

    facebook post reading before memes we used to just yell out chapelle show quotes at each other

    3. Post to Facebook from a flip phone like it's that important:

    facebook on a flip phone

    4. Probably just to post something like this:

    one like and I’ll start tweeting the same way I used to post on Facebook 10 years ago

    5. Go out to Ruby Tuesday's one night and then upload 400 photos the next day:

    do gen z know we used to upload 90 photos to a facebook album after every single night out? they’d be so mortified for us.

    Twitter: @adambyrne_

    6. Probably in an album titled "~aDvEnTuReS~":

    Remember being a pre-teen and making these albums on Facebook captioned ‘~aDvEnTuRes~’ where you were just walking to the corner store w/ your buds takin pics like ✌🏼😬 all edited by Piczo captioned ‘you’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul.’ WHAT A FREAKIN TIME

    7. Spend an entire afternoon taking 4,000 blurry Photo Booth pictures with friends:

    8. Think adding a "xXx" to a screen name made them a force to be reckoned with:

    meme about feeling cool after adding x's to a screen name

    9. Change their profile pic to something like this, also to prove they're a force to be reckoned with:

    "gangster" spongebob

    10. Think 3D movie theater glasses were a fashion statement:

    tweet reading y'all used to take 3d movie theater glasses and pop the lenses out for the aesthetic i aint forget

    11. Wait literal hours for one single song to download:

    tweet reading some you you never had to wait 8 hours for a limp bizkit song to download from limewire and it shows

    12. Post vague song lyrics and get dunked on by relatives:

    the height of social media was like 2008 when you’d post “I hate everyone to the bitter end, nothing turns out right, there’s no end in sight, I hate my life” (mad about geometry homework) and your aunt would comment “you need to call me” and you’d reply “lol it’s song lyrics”

    Twitter: @calebsaysthings

    13. Think that Chuck Norris jokes were the be-all and end-all of humor:

    chuck norris joke reading santa claus was real until he forgot my present

    And that nothing was funnier than yelling this:

    14. Type like this with zero irony:

    I used to text people and type on myspace like this and it haunts me - heyyy smexie.! ~:3~ lolxz.!

    15. Think this beer drinking app was the most badass thing in human history:

    guy using a beer drinking app to fake drink beer

    16. Or think that we had finally reached the pinnacle of technology with the iPhone lighter app:

    17. Wear obscenely big skate shoes like it was nothing:

    gigantic skate shoes

    18. Spend literal hours manually putting album art on songs:

    tweet about manually organizing all album art

    19. Have real, honest to God arguments about whether or not pirates could beat ninjas in a fight:

    pirates vs ninjas logo

    20. And convince themselves that Talk Like a Pirate Day was a real holiday — and a very important one at that:

    person on facebook talking like a pirate

    21. Make a Facebook group to invite every single one of your friends to after they lost their phone:

    facebook posting for lost numbers

    22. And spam Farmville invites to every single one of their friends:

    farmville invites

    23. Write deep lyrics on your canvas shoes that absolutely no one would read:

    How insufferably wannabe emo I was at 13 - writing Blink 182 lyrics on my Converse. Good one, past Becca.

    24. Wear gloves like this...

    fishnet gloves

    25. Complete with pants like this:

    parachute pants

    26. Complete their outfit with the cherry on top — a tilted, upside-down visor:

    nelly wearing a backwards visor

    27. Collect trucker hats for some reason:

    trucker hat

    28. Put rubber bands on pants to cuff them:

    pants with rubber bands on the cuffs

    29. Watch like 15 minutes of a movie on the extremely small screen of an iPod Mini, the way the filmmakers intended:

    ipod mini playing a disney movie

    30. Spend hours learning HTML to perfect your Myspace layout even though no one actually ever looked at it:

    #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo spend hours on finding the perfect MySpace layout for your profile!

    31. Have strong enough opinions to get into a heated argument about the virtues of BlackBerry and Brick Breaker:

    brickbreaker game

    32. Take weird pictures of your feet or hands because you all had matching bracelets or shoes:

    six feet in a circle all wearing converse

    33. Spend hours finding the PERFECT ringtone that, chances are, people will hear only 2.5 seconds of:

    34. Play absolutely hilarious jokes on people via their voicemail:

    tweet reading “Hello? Hold on I can’t hear you...hello? Seriously I can’t hear you...hello? Jk leave a message after the beep”

    35. Spend every waking hour convincing friends that soon everyone in the world would be carrying around a "Zune":

    microsoft zune