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38 Ways To Tell If You Had The Best Childhood EVER

So, did you?

1. Did you master this hallowed instrument in elementary school?

2. Did you have your tongue destroyed by mango sour Altoids?

3. Did this "Land Before Time Scene" really make you want to chow down on a leaf?

4. Do you still get unreasonably excited when you see these?

5. Do you still remember the smell of fresh, clean Koosh?

6. Are you currently in a bidding war on eBay for one of these toys?

7. Do you recognize this as the international sign for "maybe I'll have another sandwich"?

8. Are these three your own personal dream team?

9. Did you have an unhealthy amount of orange tapes?

10. Or little gold books?

11. Did you make beautiful works of art like this?

12. Or this?

13. Did you ever "smoke" a pretzel?

14. Have you always wanted to climb this baby?

15. Was this in every doctor's or dentist's office you ever waited in?

16. Do you spend every day wishing this was back on TV?

17. Are you still terrified by all of these?

18. Does seeing this make you worried about late fees?

19. Is this still one of your favorite games?

20. Do you still remember which color smells best? Hint: it isn't brown.

21. Did this guy help you feel better when you were sick?

22. Can you identify the eggs in this oatmeal?

23. Did you attend at least one birthday party at Discovery Zone?

24. Do you miss these foods every day?

25. And these drinks too?

26. Do you still think this guy is a huge douche?

27. Did you think jewelry that made it look like you were being strangled was cool at some point?

28. Do you believe that there is no finer literature than these books?

29. Does seeing this make your mouth water?

30. Do you still get teary-eyed when watching these moments?

31. Or pumped up just by seeing this movie poster?

32. Do you still get excited when you enter a room with one of these in it?

33. Do you still think there's no sweeter feeling than this?

34. Are you still in love with any of the people below?

35. Do you know how many times Repair Man says "man" when introducing himself?

36. Do these look less like clothes and more like perfect hiding spots to you?

37. Do you wish you could throw out all your silverware just for one of these color-changing spoons?

  1. Now, let's see how you did: Did you answer "yes" to any of those questions?