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35 Facebook Posts From 2020 That Are So Dumb They're Almost Unbelievable

Rough stuff.

1. On war:

facebook post reading hope to god we don't have another silver war this is getting ridiculous

2. On doppelgangers:

facebook post reading when you realize the statue of mona lisa looks like keith urban and it's a picture of the statue of liberty and owen wilson

3. On growing up:

facebook post reading i get to do my brother and his girlfriend's maturity pictures today so excited

4. On duplicates:

person mixing up doppleganger with double ganger

5. On cramps:

person mixing up metapause with "meta-paws"

6. On relaxing:

facebook post reading i've been trying new ways to relax currently i'm into essential oil diffusers and incest

7. On the little things:

person mixing up the word gestures for jesters

8. On independence:

facebook post of someone wishing the USA a happy 2020th birthday on the 4th of july

9. On chargers:

picture reading type c for fast charging and a person actually types C

10. On safety:

facebook post reading make sure you sex after you pee or you'll get hdmi

11. On pain:

picture of a grill reading just needs cleaning / comes with the pro pain tank

12. On the hustle:

facebook post reading aint had time to play on my phone because i work 24/7 5 days a week

13. On the world:

person saying it's a doggy dog world instead of dog eat dog

14. On accidents:

facebook post reading got an offender bender need the best body shop for my ford focus

15. On food:

picture of a hamburger between two cookies with a comment reading i lost my apple tight

16. On diets:

facebook post reading are you supposed to pour shit out your food and not eat too much

17. On chops:

facebook post reading how do you cook porch chops in the instant pot and what seasoning do you use

18. On reading:

person asking for a subscription service for kids to rent out books

19. On thumbs:

facebook post reading ever wonder how much easier a cats life would be if they had disposable thumbs

20. On television:

facebook post reading i don't know guys what if like the office is just a meaty okra show

21. On puppies:

facebook post reading need male puppy names and a comment reading boy or girl

22. On lunch:

facebook post of someone calls eggs benedict eggs been a dick

23. On weapons:

axes for sale on facebook marketplace but it says "Access"

24. On life:

facebook post reading there is just no winning in life i accept the feat

25. On drugs:

person mixing up marijuana and marinara

26. On politics:

person mixing up accountable with a cannibal

27. On math:

person royally messing up a simple math problem which is my sister was half my age now i'm 70 how olds my sister

28. On addresses:

person not understanding how house numbers work:

29. On growing up:

facebook post reading a shout out to my fav step-son who is ## today sorry i can't let the cat outta the bag but i can say he's reached a mild stone

30. On Pluto:

facebook post reading my daughter just tried to tell me plutonium doesn't come from Pluto at least she's pretty huh

31. On looks:

facebook post reading looks can be this evening

32. On studying:

facebook post reading looking for a tudor for year 12 specialist maths physics and english

33. On dinosaurs:

facebook exchange of someone saying how did humans survive the asteroid if dinosaurs didn't

34. On art:

facebook post reading owning a camera doesn't make you a paragraph

35. And on vision:

facebook post of someone who says theyre staring into the sun to get 2020 vision