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Help, I Can't Stop Laughing At These 35 Extremely Dumb Things People Actually Posted On The Internet Last Month

We gotta do better, folks.

1. On the upcoming time change:

"Daylight Savings Time is my new worst enema."

2. On mutual attraction:

3. On drones:

4. On brain issues:

"How does the brain anus rhythm instantly kill you"

5. On dietary restrictions:

"what do you eat?"

6. On the Titanic:

7. On holy matrimony:

8. On the finer things in life:

9. On nails:

"damn how's the colors switch orders between pictures wtf"

10. On medical advice:

"The sickest ones I know go all the time!"

11. On mirrors:

"Would of"

12. On grandpa's glory days:


13. On that one emergency alert we all got:

"To block the government"

14. On equations:

"maybe next time don't say the answer"

15. On shopping experiences:

"The attitude was off pudding."

16. On spying:

"I'm sure being a pee pee Tom in a public place is illegal."

17. On Florida:

"That's that Florida education, baby!"

18. On beef:

"He said this is how he always does it."

19. On Superman:

"If I was superman, I'd immediately fly off into space to look for evidence that aliens existed."

20. On left-handedness:

"You kinda want to do big things."

21. On selfishness:

"he's thinking of his own selfish needs and using her as a prawn on a chest board xx"

22. On the continents:

23. On the USA:

24. On order of operations:

25. On cleaning:

26. On gentlemanly behavior:

27. On true beauty:

28. On rocks:

29. On fruits:

30. On weirdness:

31. On the Sun:

32. On dangerous plants:

33. On relationships:


34. On public school:

"Looking at your grammar, your parents failed you"

35. And on DNA: