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    36 People Who Proved That 2021 Was Without A Doubt The Dumbest Year Yet

    What a stupid, stupid year.

    1. On E's:

    person who thinks there is only one word with two e's in the english language

    2. On travel:

    person who spells greece as grease

    3. On closures:

    person mistaking circumstances for circumcisions

    4. On the media:

    person who says delta and omicron rearranged is media control

    5. On genes:

    person who says they wonder if they're related to their ancestors

    6. On pricing:

    person asking how much 2 dollar chips cost and someone says it probably takes you an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes

    7. On dips:


    8. On the moon:

    Person who asks if the moon is also flat if the Earth and stars are flat

    9. On baths:

    person confusinig taken aback and taking a bath

    10. On tests:

    text of someone holding a thermometer and the other person says does that mean you're pregnant

    11. On Alaska:

    person who doesn't know alaska is in the usa

    12. On pressure:

    person calling peer pressure pear pressure

    13. On living:

    person who says losing the wheel to live instead of losing

    14. On majors:

    text where one person mixes up pediatrician and pedestrian

    15. On apps:


    16. On 2003:

    person who says people born in 2003 are 28

    17. On dinosaurs:

    Person who asks, if dinosaurs were around millions of years ago, why is the Earth in the thousands?

    18. On photographic proof:

    Person asking for photographic proof that someone never received an item they ordered

    19. On true love:


    20. On fish:

    Facebook prompt to name a fish that doesn't have an "a" in its name and someone says "dolphin"

    21. On acting:

    person who forgets what plays are

    22. On everyone's favorite dish: / Via u/WitlessBlyat

    23. On math:

    Person who does not know what a greater than or equal to sign is or that a third pounder is bigger than a quarter pounder

    24. On regret:


    25. On 2021:

    person who says 2021 is 2012 backwards
    Tik Tok

    26. On sunscreen:

    person who says sunscreen is poisonous

    27. On dinosaurs:

    tweet reading if dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago then why isn't the earth 2021 years old

    28. On my man Mike:


    29. On lost phones:

    text about someone losing a phone but texting with it so it's not actually lost

    30. On manuevers:

    person calling heimlich manuever ham lick manuever

    31. On Subway:

    person calling herbs and cheese urban cheese

    32. On gas:

    person who says to water down diesel fuel

    33. On egos:

    person confusinig egotisticle and ego testicle

    34. On abbreviations:

    text with a person getting confused about what DW means thinking it doesn't mean don't worry

    35. On cells:

    Person who says trust cells, not science

    36. On coming of age:

    text where one person misspells bar-mitzfah as barmistaba