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The 35 Dumbest Things Americans Have Actually Said On The Internet

Nobody tell them.

1. On The Vatican:

Someone who says Biden's America in response to a tweet about the vatican

2. On Rome:

tweet of someone asking if there's a rome in italy

3. On Rhode Island:

instagram convo of two americans where one asks if rhode island is in the united states

4. On the threat of Global Warming:

facebook comment where someone says non-americans can't talk about global warming

5. On South Africa:

person who doesn't understand that south africa can be a country

6. On the Fourth of July:

One person asks if other countries celebrate the 4th of July and another responds asking why would they

7. On dates:

8. On guns:

9. On the 2020 election:

Tweet saying that Obama was too scared to run against Trump because he knew Trump would win

10. On fridges:

reddit post of someone asking a UK subreddit if they use fridges

11. On weight:

person who says we don't use kilograms this is america

12. On European healthcare:

instagram comment of someone saying if you break your leg in europe you die

13. On pages:

person who says everything not in the usa is foreign

14. On the metric system:

Map of the world highlighting countries that don't use the metric system and Alaska is highlighted and a person responds that Alaska is not a country

15. On Europeans:

16. On countries:

Tweet reading how did beyonce go number one in one hundred countries when there's only 7? africa, europe, asia, and i cant remember the rest

17. On futuristic technology:

Discussion between two people where one asks if they have TVs in England

18. On bidets:

Picture of a woman drinking out of a bidet

19. On Nates:

All caps Facebook post reading nate of americans need to move back to india

20. On music:

Reply to a poll reading Drake is from Canada it's up north but not america

21. On subtitles:

Amazon reviews of people upset a movie it subtitled

22. On temperature:

Tweet thread of a person getting owned for saying no one in the world uses celsius

23. On Europe:

One person writes that they don't care that Europe is banning Americans. They'd rather go to Spain or Italy

24. On NASCAR:

Facebook reply to an article about NASCAR banning confederate flags saying that NASCAR is a scam because they never went to the moon

25. On China:

Facebook post that reads omg i just read that china is 12 hours ahead of america... why didn't they warn them about nine eleven

26. On flags:

Tweet about the only pride this person needs to the bible and the red white and blue stripes but it's not the american flag it's the liberian flag

27. On the Titanic:

Facebook post reading Canadians think the titanic was a real event and not just a movie, how dumb can you be

28. On time:

Tumblr post about someone getting mad about military time and a person replies that americans can't count past 12

29. On sports:

Facebook post about how complicated american football is and how the rest of the world can't handle it but a reply says they have it in europe

30. On cutlery:

Question asking if the british use forks

31. On California:

Tweet reading how are the nukes supposed to reach california if north korea is across the map from us

32. On the Pledge of Allegiance:

Facebook post reading that the pledge of allegiance says to the republic for which it stands not to the democrat

33. On the letter "A":

facebook post of people trying and failing to come up with a country that doesn't have the letter a in it's name

34. On hemispheres:

Reddit thread of someone thinking the souther hemisphere means central texas

35. And, finally, on America:

Sign reading American is the best country in the nation