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35 Of The Absolute Dumbest Things That People Really Said On The Internet In 2020

What a stupid year.

1. On washing dishes:

facebook post of someone who dried to clean plates in a dryer

2. On the beauty of nature:

twitter post of someone confusing giraffes for elephants

3. On spelling:

someone who says i just realized atlanta is spelled the same forward and backward

4. On elections:

facebook post reading if biden wins i am leaving the us and going to hawaii

5. On health:

twitter post of someone confusing cancer for the astrological sign

6. On sales:

post where someone says no sorry the current offer on the table is 675 but they mean it metaphorically

7. On cleanliness:

sign reading please wear a mask and use the hand fertilizer

8. On majors:

text conversation where someone asks what's your major and they other person says IT and they respond like the clown

9. On tools:

someone who ordered a 7.5 mm drill bit but messed up the decimal spot so a huge one came

10. On art:

facebook post reading owning a camera doesn't make you a paragraph

11. On weapons:

text conversation reading the grenade is just a mazel tov cocktail when they mean molotov cocktail

12. On work:

facebook post reading ain't had time to play on my phone because i work 24/7 5 days a week

13. On pregnancy:

twitter post reading well how long would the pregnancy take if she had twins and someone answers 9 + 9 equals 19 months

14. On the dinosaurs:

facebook post reading how is it that cavemen survived the asteroid but the dinosaurs didn't

15. On liquids:

person playing with mercury

16. On haircuts:

facebook post reading i cuted my hair and it went back to curly

17. On the future:

twitter post reading somebody born in 2020 will see the year 3000 when they're 80 that's wild

18. On immunity:

facebook post of someone being antivax and getting called out by their mom because they have every vaccine

19. On books:

facebook post of someone asking for a book subscription service and someone replies it's called a libary

20. On America:

facebook post of someone wishing america a happy 2020th birthday on the 4th of july

21. On birds:

facebook post of someone calling flamingos flaming gulls

22. On math:

facebook post of someone messing up an easy math problem royally

23. On television:

facebook post reading idk guys what if like hwat if the office is just a meaty okra show

24. On time:

twitter post of someone thinking that 20:20:20:2020 is a unique time when it happens every day this year

25. On vaccines:

facebook post of someone saying tide pods and vaccines share 15 of the same ingredients

26. On boards:

facebook conversation of someone who misspells "bored" as "board"

27. On computers:

post where someone says there should be wireless PCs which are just laptops

28. On cooking:

facebook post of someone saying "salmon vanilla" instead of salmonella

29. On skeletons:

reddit post where someone asks how did people in the middle ages know what skeletons look like without x-ray machines

30. On staying indoors:

facebook post of someone saying "corn teened" instead of quarantined

31. On death row:

reddit post of someone asking what death row inmates of reddit ate for their last meal

32. On women:

twitter posts of someone saying women are useless and then someone says a woman gave birth to you and they say they were adopted

33. On dates:

instagram post of someone not realizing how BCE time telling works

34. On decisions:

someone mixing up the word ultimatum for "all tomato"

35. On smoking:

someone mixing up the word marijuana for marinara

And on life:

facebook post of someone saying there is just no winning in this life i accept the feet

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