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    22 Of The Absolute Dumbest Things People Actually Said Online This Month

    Please tell me you're joking.

    1. On solar power:

    person who says good luck with solar power when there's no fossil fuels

    2. On the flag:

    person mixing up the liberian flag and the usa flag

    3. On Mount Everest:

    people who think mount everest is in the usa

    4. On the cavemen:

    person who thinks cavemen and dinosaurs were around at the same time

    5. On science:

    person who has no idea how science works

    6. On Scotland:

    person who thinks Scotland is not a country

    7. On uncles:

    person asking why every spanish person has an uncle named tio

    8. On microbiology:

    person who is antivax and works as a microbiologist

    9. On rights:

    person who says how can you support gay rights if youre straight and the other person says ok i support animal rights too do i look like an armadillo

    10. On contraception:

    person says they only have sex at night because the sperm are asleep

    11. On Asia:

    person who think asia is a US state

    12. On injections:

    person who says they're going to inject themselves with disinfectant

    13. On mammals:

    person who says dolphins aren't mammals

    14. On death:

    person who says death from vaccines is higher than covid death

    15. On edibles:

    person who says they should make weedless edibles aka food

    16. On grandmas:

    Person confusing salmonella with "sell my nana"

    17. On China:

    person who thinks china bombed pearl harbor

    18. On pirates:

    Facebook post reading, "OMG as if i have just found out that pirates are acsually real"

    19. On Portugal:


    20. On pronouns:

    person who doesn't understand pronouns

    21. On guns:

    person who assumes someone is america when they actually live in panama

    22. And on English:

    Person who says no English word except good has a double o and someone says try reading a book

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