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The 24 Absolute Dumbest Things Anti-Vaxxers Have Actually Said

These people really exist.

1. Vaccines are full of parasites:

2. Coconut oil works just as well:

3. They'll give you measles:

4. Or chicken pox:

5. You'll get pregnant:

6. They change your DNA:

7. You already have an immune system:

8. They're responsible for polio:

9. They're making bees autistic:

10. Bill Gates created disease:

11. They're much more likely to kill you than, like, disease:

12. Disease just disappears on its own:

13. Children's books say you're fine:

14. You should be able to eat them:

15. Being vaccinated is actually MORE dangerous:

16. They invented autism:

17. Our ancestors never died from disease:

18. The government is in on it:

19. Vaccines are the work of demons:

20. You can't trust peer reviews:

21. Vaccines are meant to stop reincarnation:

22. They'll give you a big ol' head:

23. If you don't get them, you'll be SUPER IMMUNE:

24. Provaxxers are murderers:

In conclusion: