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    Dec 2, 2019

    22 Drunk People Who Made 2019 A Much Better Year

    Bless 'em.

    Drunk people were the only good part of 2019. Need proof? I mean...

    1. They took matters into their own hands:

    2. They always got home safe:

    3. They made great decisions:

    4. They cared for the elderly:

    5. They had great senses of direction:


    6. They loved to share:

    my drunk ass tryna give my friends a shot from the bottle and miss

    7. They made all sorts of new friends:

    8. They mastered technology:

    9. They were super reasonable:

    10. They changed the dating game:

    11. They were super considerate:

    12. They were style icons:

    Footage of me drunk af last night applying concealer to my lips thinking it was lip gloss I love myself

    13. They were never forgetful:

    14. They always had the perfect response:

    15. They were super responsible:

    16. They discovered new and amazing drinks:

    17. They weren't afraid to share:

    18. They took care of those they held dear:

    19. They were always honest:

    20. They always threw the best parties:

    21. They made big plans:

    22. And they were super polite:

    Twitter: @gsheffr

    Bless 'em.

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