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21 Extremely Random Things Everyone Did As A Kid For No Reason

I mean, you had to.

1. Got absolutely wasted:

2. Played dead:

3. Drew hair like this:

4. Developed a "smoking" habit:

5. Performed impossible feats of strength:

6. Drew this exact sun in the corner every single time:

7. Starred in Fast & Furious: Grocery Store Drift:

8. Danced with the devil:

9. Became a superhero:

10. Raced those drops:

11. Sprinted up the stairs:

12. Probably like this:

13. Kept an eye open for demons:

14. Tried to see the impossible:

15. Found yourself a new pet:

16. Begged for attention:

17. Wielded a great marker blade:

18. Kept an eye open for loose pool sharks:

19. Waited an eternity:

20. Felt like a technological wizard:

21. And felt the fruit seed fear:

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