19 Pictures That Are 100000% Definitely NOT Of Dogs

    No dogs to be seen here.

    1. Nothing here but a beautiful carpet:

    2. Nope, just a carpet here:

    3. What a beautiful rug:

    4. Seriously can't get enough of this rug:

    5. Nothing to see here but some very nice stones:

    6. Nope, nothing here at all:

    7. Nada:

    8. Love this bath mat:

    9. What a fantastic rug:

    10. Have you ever seen a nicer carseat?

    11. Just seeing a rug here:

    12. Nice dog bed... if only there was a dog in it:

    13. Great, great carpet:

    14. Nothing but a bed here:

    15. Nothing but a carpet here:

    16. Beautiful picture of a carpet:

    17. Wow, what a great pile of leaves and ONLY LEAVES:

    18. Wish I could get this rug's autograph:

    19. Nope, nothing to see here: