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50 People Who Immediately Regretted Basically Everything In Their Life That Led To This Moment

Life can be rough.

1. This poor, unfortunate soul:

person who washed a dirty diaper

2. This person making fried spatula:

person who accidentally cooked a plastic spatula on a frying pan

3. The proud owner of the world's first staircase/litterbox combo:

cat litter spilled all over a staircase

4. This person who just learned a lesson they will never forget:

snow covering a living room

5. This master mechanic:

tweet reading always remember decimal points are important when ordering drills with a huge bit

6. The person with the stickiest hands in existence:

sign reading these are cafe syrups not hand sanitizer thank you

7. This inventor of the liquid kayak:

snapchat saying never leave your kayak in the sun with a melted kayak

8. This paint drinker:

person who had two cups one coffee one for painting and they drank the paint

9. Ol' cheesy laundry:

person who washed a block of cheese

10. The person who never said "When":

a ton of peppercorns spilled in a frying pan

11. The sleep mathematician:

tweet reading me why did my alarm not go off my alarm and its a calculator

12. This person experiencing a little shrinkage:

snapchat reading i accidentally put my gloves in the washing machine and they have shrunk

13. The proud owner of the world's scratchiest phone:

picture of an iphone dragging out of a car on the ground

14. This professional mover:

picture of a couch stuck in a doorway

15. This amateur chef:

tweet reading in case you ever think your roommate is dumb let me one up you with a burned pot

16. This person who learned the hard way to turn off their camera:

message on a zoom call reading your camera is on and everyone saw you hit a bong

17. The inventor of a brand new bird poop latte:

a coffee cup a bird shit into

18. This master baker:

glasses baked into a banana bread

19. This proud owner of a brand-new heavy piece of garbage:

flat screen tv that fell face-first on the floor

20. These poor, poor painters:

painters stand around a huge amount of spilled paint

21. This person who learned a lesson as old as time:

facebook post reading turns out you can't put plates in a dryer

22. This person who aged their hands 60 years:

wrinkly hands from holding grocery bags too long

23. This dude:

guy who connected to bluetooth and played porn for the whole family

24. The gassiest student around:

tweet reading surgeon did someone fart silence surgeon i need to know if someone farted i may have perforated bowel med student i farted

25. The person who invented Italian coffee:

person who used garlic in their coffee instead of sugar

26. Ol' One Bean Joe:

person who ordered a coffee from a machine but only got hot water and a single bean

27. This person who was betrayed by a robot:

28. This person who is about to have a very difficult lunch:

person who brought kitty litter to work instead of their lunch

29. The lifelong enemy of all firefighters:

a bunch of tubes through a car next to a fire hydrant

30. This soon-to-be very wet man:

a man is holding a liquor bottle that is falling from his hands

31. This owner of the grainiest windshield in existence:

scratched up windshield with the caption i saw all these posts on facebook this week that sandpiper on wiper blades would rid ice well it did but now my windshield is all scraped

32. This professional chef:

tweet about a man leaving ps4 controllers in the oven to hide from his kids and his wife turned the oven on

33. This bacon bandit:

tweet reading my roommate thought i made cinnamon rolls i actually made bacon and there's a huge finger scoop

34. The proud owner of 20 cups of pee:

cat peeing into 20 cups of rice

35. This person who's stranded forevermore:

picture captioned just painted the stairs to my basement and now i'm trapped

36. This person who just wanted some dang ice cream:

tweet reading i can't believe this happened and it's a seagull eating her ice cream

37. This smallest person alive:

tweet reading so i ordered a chair for my room off of amazon and it's a really tiny chair

38. This pants destroyer:

tweet reading i was just running my pen over my jeans and didn't realize it was open and there's pen all over their leg

39. This lock destroyer:

person who broke off a lock

40. This very wet photographer:

three pictures in succession of a woman getting splashed

41. The coffee sorters:

two people sorting coffee beans with the caption i just absent-midnely poured unroasted beans into a batch of roasted ones here's us separating 10000 beans by hand

42. This poor soul:

a man painting a roof is stuck in the middle of it

43. This Plant City resident:

one time at this bar in nashville, the band stopped playing and asked the audience “who here is from plant city, florida” and this girl goes “WOOOOOOO!!!!”

she thought they were giving her hometown a shout out, but it was because they found her lost i.d.

44. This person who can never go back to work:

tweet reading at this moment i knew i fucked up and its a text where they yell at their boss for making them come in friday

45. This person who forgot to close their window:

picture of snow inside a car

46. This contestant who played the world's most dangerous game:

picture of two beige fruits that reads just accidentally played the worst game ever pear or potato

47. This maskless individual:

person who accidentally brought a baby sock to the store instead of a mask

48. This mom:

picture of a mom texting look where i am where are you and the mom realizes theyre not in the right dorm

49. The modern-day Grinch:

tweet reading came in drunk and saw the oven was on so obviously i turned it off turns out dad was cooking beef overnight and i ruined christmas

50. And, finally, whoever is responsible for this sign getting put up:

tweet reading every warning label has a story and it's Gas booster with not an energy drink written near it