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    People Are Sharing The Difference Between High School Teachers And College Professors And It's Stark

    "College professors will not tolerate this" — every teacher ever.

    1. College professors can be really hard to get to know:

    Middle school: "They won't tolerate this in high school." HS: "This won't work in college." College professor: "y'all want some milkduds?"

    Twitter: @TylerHickman9

    2. They're secretive people:

    high school teachers: your future college professors are NOT your friends. you have to treat them with a different level of respect. college professor: dude, just call me john

    Twitter: @yvettemaecara

    3. They do not tolerate funny business:

    Hs teachers: “you have to be professional in college, your professors aren’t going to put up with anything” College professor: “do you guys mind if we keep the lights off for class today I’m hungover” *one kid is eating mashed potatoes*

    Twitter: @Caityy_Walter

    4. And they have a game plan and stick to it:

    tweet reading my english professor walked into class saw algebra on the board and yelled oh what the heck is this

    5. College professors are deeply professional:

    High school teachers: no cussing or that’s ISS College professors: what the fuck is wrong with the projector

    Twitter: @indianavatara

    6. They keep to themselves:

    Why did high school teachers always make college professors sound so strict & scary when in reality they’re like, “What’s up, you can call me Andy, I illegally downloaded the text book if you need it & I also have a gambling problem.” Lmfaooo

    Twitter: @metayamarkley

    7. And they aren't afraid to lay down the law:

    professor airdrops an office meme to someone so they get off their phone

    8. College professors have no patience for tardiness:

    snapchat from a professor that says i'm late for class

    9. They're deeply private people:

    i’m really not sure where high school teachers got the idea that professors wouldn’t tolerate my behaviour. those mfs really just sneak in anecdotes like nobodies business. “in athens there was a lot of gay sex, reminds me of my college days 😌” good for you prof. me too.

    Twitter: @fatinsuitcase

    10. They give impossible assigments:

    high school teachers: “Your college professors will not be as laid back as I am!” College Professors:

    Twitter: @Casassyyy

    11. They aren't going to baby students:

    High school teachers: “College professors aren’t going to baby you.” College math professor: “My husband made y’all some fudge.”

    Twitter: @sgaedchens

    12. They have absolutely no room for failure:

    High school teachers: your college professors are NOT going to put up with this College professors: who wants to race in the parking lot

    Twitter: @christensonkt

    13. Everything is serious to them:

    professor's slide that asks what his rap name is

    14. And they don't appreciate any funny business:

    High school teachers: “Your professors in college won’t put up with that” College professors:

    Twitter: @racheldacquisto

    15. College professors rarely make mistakes:

    professor emailing their students to say they had a trail mix attack

    16. There are no shortcuts for them:

    middle/high school teachers: learn to write fast bc college profs won’t wait for u college professors: anyway here’s the notes already filled out. i’m not doing notes today because it’s boring

    Twitter: @abbyegernt

    17. They never stray from the lesson plan:

    high school teachers: college will kick your ass my bio professor: i dont really feel like doing zoom today. what animal would you like to be?

    Twitter: @hajimeapologist

    18. They have no time for fun and games:

    professor saying they are as the youths say straight up not having a good time right now

    19. Even their emails are enough to strike terror into hearts:

    professor saying what is orange and sounds like a parrot carrot

    20. College professors take no prisoners:

    teachers in high school: "extra credit doesn't exist in college and you will die" actual college professors: "make a hand turkey and show me for bonus points"

    Twitter: @miassisgrass

    21. They have strict rules:

    22. They take tests very seriously:

    HS teachers: college is NOT a joke a real college exam question i just had: “which doesn’t belong?” A. Ethos B. Pathos C. Logos D. Migos

    Twitter: @umtatiana

    23. And they do not mess around:

    high school teachers : “just wait until you get to college and things get serious! Professors won’t be messing around!” college professors:

    Twitter: @tcoop53

    24. College professors run a tight ship:

    High school teacher: “college professors won’t be as laid back as I am” College professor: “I’m canceling class just because so take the quiz I posted online”

    Twitter: @meggiehaan

    25. They adhere to a very strict schedule:

    High school teachers: your college professors are not going to put up with this!!! My college professor in the middle of lecture today: Alright I’m tired of teaching. Y’all can leave

    Twitter: @juliarpeterson

    26. And they never make things easy:

    High School teachers: “Professors aren’t gonna let that slide in college”. Professors:

    Twitter: @BurnerDario