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33 Of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth A Fortune Now

You made a big mistake when you threw those out.

1. The Original Gameboy:

2. Polly Pocket:

3. The Fisher-Price Castle:

4. An Original Cabbage Patch Kid:

5. Transforming Power Rangers:

6. Furbies:

7. Princess of Power Action Figures:

8. Hit-Clips:

9. Game Gear:

10. A First-Generation Charizard Pokemon Card:

11. The Original Bop It:

12. Tamagotchis:

13. Street Sharks:

14. Digimon:

15. Lite Brite:

16. G.I. Joe Action Figures:

17. The K'Nex Roller Coaster Set:

18. The Classic Super Soaker:

19. The Lego Pirate Ship:

20. Mighty Max:

21. Transformers Optimus Prime Action Figure:

22. Sega Genesis:

23. The Talkboy:

24. Hot Shot Basketball:

25. Tech Decks:

26. Crossfire:

27. EasyBake Ovens:

28. Rare Micro-Machines:

29. Teddy Ruxpin:

30. He-Man Action Figures:

31. Super Smash Brothers:

32. Pound Pup:

33. And Beanie Babies:

No surprise here.

And prices and pictures from Ebay.

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