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Updated on Dec 19, 2018. Posted on Dec 21, 2015

35 Things You're Never Going To Get For Christmas Again

Unless you're going to shell out that eBay money.

1. The only light you’d ever need:

2. The tools to become a master painter:

3. Your own little world:

4. The original iPad:

5. A robotic dog:

6. The first and only cool alarm clock:

7. An essential makeup kit:

8. One of these orange bad boys for the VCR

9. Disappearing witchcraft milk:

10. Real-life bead lizards:


11. Ridiculously uncomfortable blow-up furniture:

12. This goop:

13. Your first castle:

Or this flying toy:


15. These literary classics:

16. Broken ankles:

17. A rainbow Koosh:

18. The original iPod:

19. A pixelated little blob:

20. A box full of lasers:

21. These stylin’ skates:

22. A pen with a challenge:

23. The sweet smell of jelly sandals:

24. Your own fishin' hole:

25. Yak Baks:

26. The board game with the best jingle ever:

27. An oven that uses a lightbulb but still somehow makes delicious, EZ food:

28. The future of art:

29. A Skip-It, because everyone needs the “ball and chain” experience:

30. Quite possibly the most stressful game ever made:

31. Milky pens:

32. The tools to be a pro:

33. A phone to eavesdrop on everyone:

34. See-through everything for absolutely no reason

35. All the stars in the sky:

And a bunch of Beanie Babies, which will all definitely be worth thousands of dollars someday: