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    Posted on Jun 29, 2018

    27 Pictures That'll Remind You Of When Everything On The Internet Wasn't The Absolute Worst

    Remember when everything wasn't awful?

    1. Opening up your computer and seeing this screen:


    2. Probably on a computer that looked a little like this:

    3. Watching flash videos all day on Ebaum's World or Albino Blacksheep:

    Newgrounds, Ebaumsworld

    4. Especially things like The End Of Ze World:

    Albino Blacksheep

    5. And, of course, SHOES:

    6. Or just getting the snot scared out of you by this video:

    7. Or this game:

    8. Playing Neopets every chance you got:


    9. Or the world's hardest game:

    10. Kazaa, in all it's virus-y glory:

    11. And all the downright classics downloaded from there:

    12. Or if you didn't have an MP3 player, burning the perfect mix, complete with the perfect cover art:

    13. The ORGINIAL emojis:

    14. And the even MORE original emojis. Some prehistoric emojis right here:

    15. The game goldmine,

    16. Coming up with the PERFECT away message:

    17. And the perfect buddy info:

    18. Chatting with your only friend, SmarterChild:

    19. The beautiful pics created in Kid Pix:

    20. And the most beautiful cards in the world:

    21. The struggle of picking out the perfect top 8:

    22. The struggle of building the perfect doll:

    23. And of making a G.D. masterpiece in WordArt:

    24. The struggle of finding the perfect 5-star YouTube video:


    25. Playing this when the internet went down:

    26. Or just playing Sims all day long:


    27. Yep, those were the days... Mostly.

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