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    May 19, 2020

    23 People Who Had A Brain Fart That Ended In The Most Awkward Way Possible

    It happens to all of us.

    Brain farts — they can happen anywhere...

    1. While walking your dog:

    2. In a moment of vulnerability:

    3. At the doctor:

    4. While holdin' some soup:

    5. After a test:

    6. While saying hello:

    7. In Starbucks:

    8. In a therapist's office:

    9. In the comfort of your own home:

    10. While ordering pizza:


    11. At the barber:

    12. While trying to adopt:

    13. While at work:

    14. At CVS:

    15. While appologizing:


    16. At the airport:

    17. At the dentist:

    18. Over email:

    19. While buying stuff:

    20. In math class:


    21. In the elevator:

    22. While getting coffee:

    23. And, of course, on the internet:

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